Snyder, the Zombie Expert

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Snyder, the Zombie Expert
Snyder, the Zombie Expert

Aw, man, it's totally awesome that a real live zombie has come to my door! You could be invaluable to my research! My hypothesis is that the new breed of zombies run really fast so that you can film them in slow motion, and then right when they're about to go in for the kill, you can crank that camera speed right up and it's totally gnarly!

Oh, you're just a kid in a costume. Should have seen that one coming, I guess. So what do you think about shamblers versus sprinters? I mean, everything looks better in slow-mo, right? Here, have a candy and prove me right.

Whenbar.gifYou acquire an item: Whenchamacallit bar

Occurs while Trick-or-Treating in the Dreadful Zombie Suit


  • Refers to director Zack Snyder, known for directing the remake of Dawn of the Dead and for his love of speed ramping, a film technique which shifts action from normal speed to slow motion and back.