Shrinking powder

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Against some monsters (Hobopolis bosses?), this has been reported to fail.

shrinking powder
shrinking powder

This is a tiny bag of the powder the pygmies use to shrink peoples' heads. Be careful not to spill any in your lap.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Reduce an enemy's size (Hit Points) by 35-50%

(In-game plural: bags of shrinking powder)
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Obtained From

The Hidden Park
Two Sizes Too Small (occurs semi-rarely)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Two Sizes Too Small (occurred semi-rarely)

When Used

  • First use in a fight:
You sprinkle the powder on your opponent. <It> gets smaller and angrier.
  • Trying to use more than one in the same fight:
Your opponent is already pretty small -- it'd probably be a waste to use any more of the powder on them.
  • or (vs certain boss monsters?)
The shrinking powder blows away before it hits your opponent. What bad luck!


  • Deals floor(50% to 65% of the Monster's current HP) in damage.
  • This does not work against any Hobopolis bosses - it is blown away and has no effect. Also does not work on Mayor Ghost or Giant amorphous blob with a similar message.



TOP 10 shrinking powder collections
1. Madelyn North - 300 | 2. whizdad - 128 | 3. Darkling - 100 | 4. caducus - 100 | 5. Nikademus - 98
6. Athanatos - 40 | 7. Tzabor - 39 | 8. First Tenor - 37 | 9. slugBoy - 37 | 10. Skent - 35
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings