Reflection of a map

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reflection of a map
reflection of a map

This map is weird -- it's all insubstantial and backwards.

Also, it doesn't love you like a reflection of me loves you.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: reflections of maps)
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Item number: 4509
Description ID: 206445172
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Obtained From

The Red Queen's Garden
Wasp in a wig

When Used

A Moment of Reflection
A Moment of Reflection

"This is a map of stuff in the Rabbit Hole, and you don't know where the Rabbit Hole is right now."

  • Attempting to use the map with no adventures left:

"You don't have time to be running around trying to follow a map of reflected locations right now."


  • The reflection only drops once per "DRINK ME" potion consumed. Jick explains the mechanism (in relation to a now-resolved bug) in this post. If you use potions and do not get a map before the Down the Rabbit Hole effect wears off, you can get multiple maps from later potions. This counter is reset upon ascension.
  • This item can be used while falling-down drunk.
  • This item will not be forced to drop from a yellow ray disintegration.
  • The image used for this item is a horizontally flipped version of the image used for other map items.


  • Appropriately enough the description paraphrases the lyrics to "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


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