Razor, Scooter

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Razor, Scooter
Razor, Scooter

You scoot behind the bar and see a box full of junk on a shelf back there. You deduce that it's the bar's Lost and Found, from the subtle clue that it's labeled "LOST AND FOUND[sic]? in big block letters.

You rummage through the box. There's a surgical fin-glove from a nurse shark; a flask from the tippler; nothing super-exciting.

Toward the bottom of the box, though, you find (and almost lose a finger to) a pearl-handled straight razor. You feel like you'd be a real high-toned son of a bitch with that thing, so you grab it and walk away whistling.

Straightrazor.gifYou acquire an item: shavin' razor

Occurs at The Dive Bar, semi-rarely.


  • The adventure title comes from the Razor brand of kick-scooters.
  • The text references Steven King's The Dark Half. The protagonist of the story is a mild-mannered author who imagines his pen name as belonging to a violent chain-smoking alcoholic who carries a pearl-handled cutthroat razor and drives a drives a big black car with "high-toned son of a bitch" engraved on the bumper. This being a King story, the alter-ego inexplicably comes to life.