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Disco Bandits can perform three skills gained during their nemesis quest in different orders to cause additional effects during combat. The skills are:

Brokebone.gif Break It On Down Fast.gif Run Like the Wind Oaf.gif Pop and Lock It

To get the additional effects the skills must be used in a specific order on successive combat rounds. The order of skills to produce each effect is randomised on ascension.

Combo Effects

Combo Effect
Rave Knockout Three-round stun + physical damage while stunned
Rave Bleeding Extra physical damage for 2 rounds after the combo is completed.
Rave Concentration Gives one adventure of Rave Concentration (+30% Item Drops from Monsters).
Rave Steal
  • Steals an item from the monster
  • Only regular (non-quest) items can be stolen.
  • It does not work on Pickpocket-only items.
  • It can only be used if no item has been successfully pickpocketed.
  • It also gives special loot from combats at Outside the Club, once per combat.
Rave Nirvana Gives one adventure of Rave Nirvana (+50% Meat from Monsters)
Rave Stats Gain immediately 2-4 substats.


  • Performing a non-action (such as twiddling your thumbs, or using the "Use Item" or "Use Skill" button without selecting a skill) will break up a combo.
  • Combos won't overlap. For example, if you use Break It On Down as the last move of a combo, you must use it again to start a combo that begins with Break It On Down.
  • Each type of Combo may be used only once per combat. If you try to use the same Combo twice in one combat, its corresponding effect will not occur, and the combo completion text on the third skill will not display.
  • Prior to completion of the Nemesis quest, you cannot use the Combo skills anywhere but the island. Trying to do so gives the message:
You begin to use one of your new rave attacks, and that reminds you that, oh yeah, there was that whole Nemesis thing you were meant to be dealing with, instead of screwing around elsewhere. You decide that you'd prefer not to be reminded of that, and hence decide not to use that attack.
  • Successfully stealing an item with Rave Steal results in the message:
Your savage beatdown seems to have knocked loose some treasure. Sweet!
You acquire an item:
  • After the Nemesis quest is completed you may use rave steal only 30 times a day. Trying after the 30th time gives the message:
You're getting tired of this same old song and dance.
  • Attempting to use Rave Steal against a monster with no regular drops:
Your savage beatdown fails to knock loose any treasure. Lame!
  • Usually the Rave Concentration and Rave Nirvana effects will only last for the duration of the combat in which the combo is performed. It is possible for the effects to be preserved by escaping from that combat without using an adventure. A common method for doing this would be with a free runaway.