Rarrgh Brainsrargh, the Zombie Enthusiast

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Rarrgh Brainsrargh, the Zombie Enthusiast
Rarrgh Brainsrargh, the Zombie Enthusiast

Well hellooooo, undead rotting nurse! Aren't you a sight for eyes filmed over with cataracts! You're just the kind of zombie I'd love to hold in my decaying arms while we gnaw on each other's flesh. Why don't you come in for a while? We're having a little Dead Man's Party in here. You can bob for fingers! Pin the tail on the guy whose ass rotted off! It's great fun.

Oh, don't worry about it, I'm not really a zombie either. I'm just a fan of the lifestyle. Or "deathstyle," as I like to say! We don't exclude people just because they're not undead. Come on in! We have punch and brains!

All right, suit yourself. I'll hate to see you go, but I'll love to watch you leave. Have some candy.

Brainbox.gifYou acquire an item: Gummy Brains

Occurs while Trick or Treating on Halloween with the effect Dead Sexy.