Purity of Essence

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Purity of Essence
Purity of Essence

This trophy is earned by performing three KOLHS ascensions fully committing to each of the KOLHS factions. To commit to a faction, you must gain their intrinsic buff at least once, and not gain any other faction's intrinsic for the course of that ascension.

Purity of Essence You're entitled to the "Purity of Essence" Trophy, for fully committing to each KoL High School clique.


  • The ascensions do not need to be consecutive, or performed in any particular order.
  • This trophy is only obtainable after ascending from the 3rd clique run. In other words, it will require 4 ascensions to obtain.
  • You can commit to a faction as any of the main classes. You do not need to be a muscle class to commit to the Jocks, a mysticality class to commit to the Nerds, or a moxie class to commit to the Greasers.
  • You can freely adventure in any of the classes - Art Class, Chemistry Class and Shop Class - without it affecting the trophy.