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Psychoanalytic jar

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psychoanalytic jar
psychoanalytic jar

This is a jar that lets you extract the psychoses from a crazy person. Well, not really extract them per se. More like make a copy of them that you can play around in. It's about adventure, not helping people.

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: psychoanalytic jars)


Having a psychoanalytic jar will allow you to look in to the eyes of some of the various non-player characters in the Kingdom and explore their various psychoses:

Use psychoanalytic jar on him
You open up the jar and look into the patient's eyes.
Analjar full.gifYou acquire an item: jar of psychoses (The Meatsmith)


Analjar full.gifYou acquire an item: jar of psychoses (The Captain of the Gourd)


Analjar full.gifYou acquire an item: jar of psychoses (The Crackpot Mystic)


Analjar full.gifYou acquire an item: jar of psychoses (The Pretentious Artist)


Analjar full.gifYou acquire an item: jar of psychoses (The Old Man)


Analjar full.gifYou acquire an item: jar of psychoses (The Suspicious-Looking Guy)


Analjar full.gifYou acquire an item: jar of psychoses (Jick)

or, without a psychoanalytic jar

Use psychoanalytic jar on him
You don't have a psychoanalytic jar handy.

Obtained From

Angry Jung Man


  • The jar of psychoses (Jick) is rarely obtainable for any given character, randomized daily.
  • The jar you do not have is not consumed upon attempting to psychoanalyze without a jar.


  • The item, and the jar of psychoses that come from it, are references to the game Psychonauts, where the player enters the subconcious minds of NPCs. It also bears similarities to Asymmetric's other game Word Realms.


  • When originally implemented, you could successfully use a jar only once per day. Subsequent attempts yielded the message:
You've already performed one psychoanalysis today. That's quite enough.
  • The jar was not consumed in this case.


TOP 10 psychoanalytic jar collections
1. Ana - 441 | 2. Pantsless - 369 | 3. Mac_Gyver - 360 | 4. whizdad - 298 | 5. TerraAire - 200
6. Do Not_uhm_I told ya - 173 | 7. aeliniel - 166 | 8. FMguru - 148 | 9. PuertoFunk - 135 | 10. D Luded - 101
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings
Jungman.gif Angry Jung Man's Psychoanalysis
Analjar empty.gif psychoanalytic jar A Couch Next To A Jar
NPC Jar Zone Sword
The Captain of the Gourd Analjar full.gif
Captain of the Gourd
The Captain of the Gourd's Psychoses Truthseeker.gif
The Crackpot Mystic Analjar full.gif
Crackpot Mystic
The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses Byte.gif
Jick Analjar full.gif
Jick's Obsessions Pcgsword.gif
Sword of Procedural Generation
The Meatsmith Analjar full.gif
The Meatsmith's Brainspace Meatcleaver.gif
The Old Man Analjar full.gif
Old Man
The Old Man's Past Bloodbath.gif
The Pretentious Artist Analjar full.gif
Pretentious Artist
The Pretentious Artist's Obsession Ginsu.gif
The Suspicious-Looking Guy Analjar full.gif
Suspicious-Looking Guy
The Suspicious-Looking Guy's Shady Past Whitefang.gif
White Dragon Fang
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