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PvP section was reworked, and a new PvP All-Time Best Ranks section added directly beneath

also the location for the Special challenge path commendations

Each player in the Kingdom has two profiles - a private profile (also known as the character sheet), displaying things such as HP and MP, total drunkenness, etc. There is also a public profile, which displays information such as a player's avatar, tattoo, which clan he belongs to and his title, and which familiar he is currently using.

Some parts of the public profile are only updated once a day, namely the meat total and turns played total, in response to the use of shorebots in PvP.

Private Profile

  1. Avatar
  2. Character Name (links to Public Profile)
  3. Character Number (also known as player ID)
  4. Level
  5. Class


Your character at a glance. In addition to providing all of the information on the character pane, it also provides links to your favorite food and booze, ascension history, sign, and some other interesting statistics (for certain values of the word "interesting").

  1. Current Hit Points
  2. Maximum Hit Points (total & base)
  3. Current Mana Points
  4. Maximum Mana Points (total & base)
  5. Muscle (total, base, and progress towards next stat point)
  6. Mysticality (total, base, and progress towards next stat point)
  7. Moxie (total, base, and progress towards next stat point)
  8. Drunkenness (also known as Tipsiness, Inebriety, and Temulency)
  9. Protections (shows only if you have protection for that particular element)
    1. Hot
    2. Cold
    3. Stench
    4. Spooky
    5. Sleaze
    6. Slime
  10. Adventures remaining
  11. Meat
  12. Favorite Food (links to consumption history)
  13. Favorite Booze (links to consumption history)
  14. Ascensions (links to Ascension History)
  15. Turns Played (total)
  16. Days Played (total)
  17. Turns Played (this run)
  18. Days Played (this run)
  19. Sign
  20. Ascension Path (if a path was chosen)
  • If you are currently in Ronin or performing a hardcore run, there will be a message displayed underneath your sign saying as much.
    • In Ronin: You may not receive items from other players until you have played # more Adventures.
    • In Hardcore: You are in Hardcore mode, and may not receive items or buffs from other players.



Your currently-equipped items in the order that they would appear. If nothing is equipped in an equipment slot that slot does not appear.

  1. Hat
  2. Shirt
  3. Back Items
  4. Weapon
  5. Off-Hand Item
  6. Pants
  7. Accessory 1
  8. Accessory 2
  9. Accessory 3
  10. Familiar Equipment

Properties Owned

  1. You own a Store in The Mall of Loathing
  2. You own a Display Case in The Museum


Anything currently affecting your character will be listed here.

  • Current Effects (Turns Left) (shrug off [if applicable])


Any skills your character has currently learned. If you have ascended at least once, this section will describe which of your skills are permanent (marked with (P)) and which are hardcore permanent (HP), if any.

  • Skill List (links to a description of that skill)

Current Familiar

  1. Familiar Name (links to all of your familiars)
  2. Weight
  3. Type
  4. Kills

Public Profile

  1. Avatar
  2. Character Name
  3. Character Number (also known as player ID, or PID for short)
  4. Level
  5. Class (current class level title)
  6. Current Tattoo
  7. Play Style (if hardcore)


  1. Sign
  2. Ascension Path (if a path was chosen)
  3. Meat
  4. Ascensions (links to Ascension History)
  5. Turns Played (total)
  6. Turns Played (this run)
  7. Date Account Created
  8. Date of Last Login
  9. Favorite Food
  10. Favorite Booze


  • PvP Ranking (only if this player participates in PvP)

Proud Bearer

Mracc.gif Player is the proud bearer of a Mr. Accessory
Mracc.gif Player is the prood bearer of a Mr. Eh?
Mrexp.gif Player is the low-down dirty bearer of a Mr. Exploiter
  • A few well-known players have customized messages in this section. See, for example, Werebear and Bashy.


  1. Hat
  2. Back Item
  3. Shirt
  4. Weapon
  5. Off-Hand Item
  6. Pants
  7. Accessory
  8. Accessory
  9. Accessory

Current Familiar

  1. Familiar Name
  2. Type
  3. Familiar Equipment
  • Familiar weight is no longer shown in the public profile. Instead, you must click on the player's familiar to view their terrarium and weights of all their familiars, unless they have chosen to keep their terrarium from public view. You cannot see anyone's terrarium if they have put their current familiar in it — even if they haven't blocked it from public view.

View Permanent Skills

  1. Shows the player's list of skills in bold, with (P) (not bold) for permanent and (HP) (bold) for hardcore permanent. The section changes to Hide Permanent Skills when open.

Monster Manuel

  • "Monster Manuel:"
  1. Casually researched: x creature(s)
  2. Thoroughly researched: y creature(s)
  3. Exhaustively researched: z creature(s)
  • Will only show if the player has opted to. If the player has no factoids in a category, it will display 0 creatures.

Crafting Recipes Discovered

Cooking: X Cocktailcrafting: X
Meatsmithing: X Meat-Pasting: X
Jewelrycrafting: X Miscellaneous: X
  • Will only show if the player as opted to. If the player does not have a recipe in a certain area, the section for it does not show and any sections after it get pushed back. If the player has no recipes, the Crafting section is left out completely.


  1. Clan: Clan Name (links to that clan's roster)
  2. Title: Clan Title


  • Store Name (links to player's store)

Display Case

  • This player owns a Display Case in The Cannon Museum (links to display case)
    • The Store and Display Case links will only be displayed if the player actually owns one or both.


A player can exhibit a single piece of art in his profile. Creating a new one will destroy the old one.


  • "<Player> has carved a Jack o'Lantern:"
    • Only if the player has carved one.

Magnetic Sculpture

  • "<Player> has arranged a Magnetic Sculpture:"
    • Only if the player has created one.


All profile information is optional; if the player has not filled out the completed section, it will not be displayed.

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Location
  4. Website
  5. Quote


Photograph.gif This player has a picture on the KoL Player Pics Page

  • Clicking on the picture image in the profile will take you to that player's submitted picture, whereas clicking on the text link will take you to the main KoL Player Pics page.
  • On October 6th, 2006, the image used for the link to the KoL Player Pics Page, was changed to look more like in-game item description links, as players tended to not notice that it even was a link. The word "picture" was also made a link. The picture used to be:


  • This is a list of the trophies the player has acquired and has chosen to display.


There are a few way to spice up your profile.

  • For every Toggle Optimality used, two stars will appear, as well as increase the size of your name and increase your apparent level
  • Matrix text will stream down your page if you have the bunny tattoo active after using a Green pill
  • A giant Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl will appear if you currently have the Eldritch rub effect
  • Points will appear in the Private Profile area and increase for each Plus one and Internet point used
  • A "KICK ME" sign can appear over the avatar


  • These are quick links to send a message, gift item or trade offer to the player whose profile you are viewing; you can also add that player to your contact or ignore list, or engage in PvP with them. If the player is in Ronin or hardcore, there will be no link to propose a trade; if either you or the player does not PvP, the attack link will not be there.
  1. Send Message
  2. Send Gift
  3. Propose Trade
  4. Add to Contact List
  5. Add to Ignore List
  6. Attack (if both you and the person whose profile you are viewing have broken their Magical Mystical Hippy Stone. If the player is currently in Hardcore, you must also be in Hardcore for this link to appear.)