Prior to Always

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Prior to Always
Prior to Always

In the bottom of a particularly deep crater on the battlefield, you find a curious lump of metal.

As you slowly unearth it, your dog's health problems are cured, your teeth fall out, and you become telepathic. Actually, none of those things happen. What happens is that you dig it up pretty easily and realize that it's a six-pack of the Cloaca-Cola corporation's ill-fated and short-lived New Cloaca-Cola.

Sixpack.gifYou acquire an item: six-pack of New Cloaca-Cola

Occurs at A Battlefield, semi-rarely.


  • The name of the adventure is a play on the "Always Coca-Cola" slogan, which came into use after their disastrous launch of "New Coke".
  • The lump of metal, dog, teeth and telepathy mentions are all directly from the plot of the Stephen King book The Tommyknockers.