Prelude of Precision (effect)

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Prelude of Precision

Prelude of Precision

Your head is abuzz with sixteenth, thirty-secondth, sixty-fourth, one-hundred-twenty-eighth, and two-hundred-fifty-sixth notes, and as a result, your combat reflexes are especially sharp.

+10% chance of Critical Hit

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Effect number: 534
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  • The fractions are a reference to the fact that standard music sheets are written in notes with a duration (typically ranging from 1 to 1/16, with smaller notes being rarer). Two-hundred-fifty-sixth notes are not really feasible, outside of certain forms of electronic music. Notably, the shortest named note in the European system is the hemidemisemiquaver (or 64th-note in the American nomenclature); shorter notes are simply not used in music of the classical tradition.

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