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Pokëmann is a craze that apparently is sweeping the Distant Lands.

Adventurers were first introduced to it in May 2011, when they could get a pen pal who would send them gifts. So far only a few are known, and there has only been one series of figurines produced thus far.

Pokëmann figurines
Pokëmann Number Enchantment
Pokepork.gif Pokëmann figurine: Porkachu 1/15 +3 to Familiar Weight
Pokecarp.gif Pokëmann figurine: Magikrap 2/15 +3 to Familiar Weight
Pokeveg.gif Pokëmann figurine: Vegemite 3/15 +3 to Familiar Weight
Pokevermouth.gif Pokëmann figurine: Vermouth 4/15 +3 to Familiar Weight
Pokeleaf.gif Pokëmann figurine: Smugleaf 5/15 +3 to Familiar Weight
Poketwitter.gif Pokëmann figurine: Twitter 6/15 +3 to Familiar Weight
Pokelamprey.gif Pokëmann figurine: Bloodkip 7/15 +3 to Familiar Weight
Pokehobo.gif Pokëmann figurine: Hoboking 8/15 So-So Stench Resistance
Pokeduck.gif Pokëmann figurine: Duck 9/15 So-So Cold Resistance
Pokeinvis.gif Pokëmann figurine: Nothing 10/15 So-So Spooky Resistance
Pokemonster.gif Pokëmann figurine: Kagosan 11/15 So-So Sleaze Resistance
Pokecherry.gif Pokëmann figurine: Galumpagump 12/15 So-So Hot Resistance
Pokeshog.gif Pokëmann figurine: Shoggoth 13/15 +10% Mysticality
Pokefrank.gif Pokëmann figurine: Frank 14/15 +10% Muscle
Pokemoog.gif Pokëmann figurine: Moog 15/15 +10% Moxie


Collecting all 15 and displaying them in a Display Case earns you the Had to Have Caught Them All Trophy.

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