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Pizzas are an easy to make food that comes in four types: plain, cheese, mushroom (plus its eldritch equivalent), and sausage. A few other pizzas exist: the candy cane and Carrot, Cabbage, and Kale pizzas are retired Cafe offerings, and thus could never be obtained; the slice of pizza and Incredible pizza are monster drops and thus cannot be crafted, and the white chocolate and tomato pizza, which cannot be directly crafted.

Pizzas are much lower quality than many other foods that can be cooked. However, they require no skills to create, and the ingredients are relatively easy to obtain if you have ascended under the proper zodiac sign.

The materials for the plain pizza can be obtained from a number of places:

If purchased from the cheapest shops, the materials for the plain pizza cost 110 meat, or less with Travoltan trousers equipped and/or Five Finger Discount.

The plain pizza is a 2-fullness item averaging 1.5 adventures per fullness, has no stat gain, and has no level requirement. Having the Pizza Lover passive skill increases this to an average of 2.5 adventures per fullness.

Once a topping is added, the pizza becomes a three fullness item averaging 2.17 adventures & 5.5 stats per fullness, and requires you to be level 2. Having the Pizza Lover passive skill increases this to an average of 3.17 adventures and 11 stats per fullness.

White chocolate and tomato pizzas are not cooked; they result from an exploding chef-in-the-box.

What with being the product of a world event, the eldritch mushroom pizza gives far more stats than the others, as well as a slightly better adventure per fullness ratio (and a level requirement of 12 instead of 2).

Cooked Pizzas

Pizza Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Fullness Adventures (Pizza Lover) Avg Adv/Full (Pizza Lover) Stats (Pizza Lover) Notes
plain pizza
flat dough
wad of dough
2 2-4 (4-6) 1.5 (2.5) None
sausage pizza
plain pizza
Knob sausage
3 3-10 (6-13) 2.17 (3.17) 15-18 (30-36) Beefiness
mushroom pizza
plain pizza
Knob mushroom
3 3-10 (6-13) 2.17 (3.17) 15-18 (30-36) Mysteriousness
goat cheese pizza
plain pizza
goat cheese
3 3-10 (6-13) 2.17 (3.17) 15-18 (30-36) Sarcasm
eldritch mushroom pizza
plain pizza
eldritch mushroom
3 10-11 (13-14) 3.5 (4.5) 333 (666) Strengthliness
333 (666) Enchantedness
333 (666) Sarcasm
Eldritch Incursion needed to acquire. Happened in Oct 2016 and Jan 2017

Dropped/Bought Pizzas

Pizza Source Fullness Adventures (Pizza Lover) Avg Adv/Full (Pizza Lover) Stats (Pizza Lover) Notes
incredible pizza
Troll Twins @ Twin Peak 4 12-16 (16-20) 3.5 (4.5) 20-30 (40-60) Strongness
20-30 (40-60) Wizardliness
20-30 (40-60) Chutzpah
slice of pizza
Monsters in a GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine-generated dungeon 1 3 (4) 3 (4) 12-15 (24-30) Beefiness
12-15 (24-30) Enchantedness
12-15 (24-30) Roguishness
white chocolate and tomato pizza
Attention-Deficit Demon in a Crown of Thrones/Buddy Bjorn

Chef-in-the-box explosion (sometimes)

3 3-9 (6-12) 2 (3) None Trophy: Eat 5 for Weeping Pizza
candy cane pizza
Crimbo 2005, 2006, 2008 4 6-11 (10-15) 2.125 (3.125) 7-9 (14-18) Muscleboundness
7-9 (14-18) Wizardliness
7-9 (14-18) Roguishness
Effect: Sugar Rush (10 Adventures)
Carrot, Cabbage, and Kale Pizza
Buy at the Crimbo Cafe during Crimbo 2011. 4 7-9 (11-13) 2 (3) None Effect: Healthy, Elfy, and Wise (20 Adventures)



  • Goat cheese pizzas were once given as part of the Level 8 quest. This changed on July 24th, 2012.
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