Pierre Lupin, the sex-crazed werewolf

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Pierre Lupin, the sex-crazed werewolf
Pierre Lupin, the sex-crazed werewolf

Mon petit chere! You are so, how you say, sexy! Do not be coy, for you are a werewolf, and I am a werewolf, and we cannot deny ze flow of biology, no? Come into my arms, mon chere, and I will keess you beneath ze full moon!

You resist? You will not succumb to my natural animal how you say, magnetism? Suit yourself, belle, for I doubt very much you are ze only sexy werewolf prowling ze world tonight. Plus, your breath smells -- how shall I put this delicately -- almost human! Take some of these, and maybe I will not reject you so harshly next time.

Lobosmints.gifYou acquire an item: Lobos Mints

Occurs while Trick or Treating on Halloween with the effect Yiffable You.


  • Pierre Lupin bears a, how you say, striking resemblance to Looney Tune Pepe Le Pew.