PeterMike, the Mer-kin Cosplayer

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PeterMike, the Mer-kin Cosplayer
PeterMike, the Mer-kin Cosplayer

Wow, that's one of the best Mer-kin costumes I've ever seen! For a second there I thought I was underwater! I can tell you spent a lot of time and effort putting this thing together. You've even got the proper number of crenelations on the ceremonial headpiece! You look like you're ready to switch a blade, dodge a ball, and drag a net, just like JohnPaul the Gladiator did in Mer-kin Arena #14!

What? You haven't read that? Have you read any of the Mer-kin Arena comics? Aren't you even a little familiar with all of the minutiae of Mer-kin culture? Can't you even tell me PaulGeorge's win-loss ratio for season 17?

Gah, guess you're just another stupid poser, then. take your candy and go. You disgust me.

Saltcandy2.gifYou acquire an item: Mer-kin saltmint

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Mer-kin Gladiatorial Gear.


  • Named after two members of The Monkees, namely Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith. As the Mer-kin Gladiators were named by stringing together names of The Beatles in a similar way, and the Monkees were a Beatles parody band, this is appropriate.