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party hat
party hat

This is a festive paper party hat, designed to help you more effectively celebrate the Festival of Jarlsberg. With it on, you'll be like the Pretty Prince of Parties -- Ramashalakalakaravishankar.

Type: hat
Power: 30
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

Regenerate 3-5 MP per adventure
(On the Festival of Jarlsberg only)
Mysticality +3

(In-game plural: party hats)
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Item number: 2945
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Obtained From

The General Store (300 Meat during the Festival of Jarlsberg)


  • "Prince of Parties" is a song by novelty folk band Flight of the Conchords. The song includes the lyrics "I'm the Pretty Prince of Parties" and "I'm the guru god of ganja, Ramashalankalankaravishankar."
  • Ravi Shankar is a noted sitar player.

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