Party Planning on a Budget

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Party Planning on a Budget
Party Planning on a Budget

This is a book written about 40 years ago, full of money-saving tips for throwing "a swinging soiree, baby!" The tips are probably less outdated than the slang.

Type: usable
Grants Skill: Budget Conscious
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: copies of Party Planning on a Budget)
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Obtained From

Neverending Party favor

When Used

  • Without the skill:
You read the book and pick up a bunch of tips on how to save money on things that aren't parties so you'll have more money to spend on things that are parties.
You acquire a skill: Meat.gif Budget Conscious

(This skill has automatically been marked Hardcore Permanent.)

  • With the skill:
Thanks to this book, you know that time is money, and reading it again would therefore be a waste of money.



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