Pain Dip

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Pain Dip
Pain Dip

Y'know those little packets of flavored sugar that come with a tongue-depressor-shaped lump of curiously chalky pressed sugar, so you can just add spit to turn it into a tasty dippin' treat?

Well, this is a little packet of ashes and dust from the depths of Hey Deze, with a thorny wormwood stick with which to dip.

You still supply the spit, though.

Type: potion
Effect: The HeyDezebound Heart (1 Adventure)+X% Item Drops from Monsters
+Y Stats Per Fight
Muscle -Z%
Mysticality -Z%
Moxie -Z%

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: packets of Pain Dip)
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Item number: 4746
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Obtained From

Baconus, the BL Imp (Occurs with the Blasphemous Bedizenment equipped)

When Used

You eat the Pain Dip. The stick pokes holes in your tongue, and the essence of Hey Deze seeps into your bloodstream.
Heartrock.gifYou acquire an effect: The HeyDezebound Heart
(duration: 1 Adventure)



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