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Do quests get harder in hard mode? What happens if you turn down the quest?


This T-shirt says "PARTY HARD" in huge pink letters on a turquoise background. It's only for serious party animals.

Type: shirt
Power: 10
Cannot be traded or discarded

Base Muscle Limited to 100
Base Mysticality Limited to 100
Base Moxie Limited to 100
Makes the Neverending Party harder

(In-game plural: PARTY HARD T-shirts)
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Item number: 9944
Description ID: 302031449
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Obtained From

Neverending Party favor


  • If wearing this shirt, The Beginning of the Neverend has different text, and accepting the quest starts it on hard mode. Finishing a hard mode quest rewards you with a deluxe Neverending Party favor instead of a normal one.
    • The shirt must be worn when accepting the quest in order to access hard mode. If you try to wear this after accepting a normal-difficulty quest, you will be allowed to adventure in the zone, but the quest requirements remain the same as normal mode, and you will receive a normal favor.
  • If you accepted a hard mode quest in a day, you are not allowed to adventure there without wearing this shirt. Trying to do so gives the message:
You wouldn't be seen dead at the Neverending Party without your PARTY HARD shirt on. Not today, at least, since you've already made an appearance in it.
  • In Hard Mode, monsters scale to stat+120 instead of stat+10.


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