One-day ticket to The Glaciest

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one-day ticket to The Glaciest
one-day ticket to The Glaciest

This pass grants unlimited travel privileges to The Glaciest, Loathing's most popular cold-weather vacation destination. Well, unlimited except in the sense that it is limited to a single day, which is a pretty significant limit if you really think about it.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: one-day tickets to The Glaciest)
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Obtained From

Wal-Mart (50 Wal-Mart gift certificates)

When Used

You follow the directions on the ticket to Elemental International Airport (it's near the Right Side of the Tracks in Seaside Town) and turn in the ticket for one-day-only all-you-can-fly access to The Glaciest. Gather your warmest clothes and head to the gate!



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