Old Granny Stronginthearm

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Old Granny Stronginthearm
Old Granny Stronginthearm

The door is opened by a wizened, hunched old woman (who, being a dwarf, is still taller than you are.)

"Och, willye look at this now!" she smiles. "A bonny wee [laddie/lassie] all kitted out like one o' the lads from the old country! Well, I've got a special treat for ye, ducks."

She drops a large flat gray disk into your treat bag with a heavy thump. "That's authentic home-made Runeword1.gif, that is," she says. "Baked fresh today with only the finest gravel. Ye kin march for a week on one loaf, and it'll dent a skull at a hundred paces."

You thank her politely and head back to the streets, hoping the rest of your candy hasn't been too badly crushed.

Dwarfbread.gifYou acquire an item: dwarf bread

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Dwarvish War Uniform.


  • The adventure text uses your character's rune for dwarf bread.


  • 'Stronginthearm' is a common dwarf name in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.
  • Dwarf bread, containing gravel and usable as a weapon, is also from the same novels.