Oil of Parrrlay

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Oil of Parrrlay
Oil of Parrrlay

"Parrrlay" is a special pirate term for a meeting where two hostile pirate parties can talk things over peaceably, without all the maiming and killing that usually would ensue. This oil, according to the label, "be as smooth and soothing as a good parrrlay. If ye rubs it on your face first thing in the mornin', ye'll be ready for whatever the unforgiving sea should throw at ye."

Type: potion
Selling Price: 55 Meat.
Effect: Well-Oiled (5 Adventures)Damage Absorption +30
Damage Reduction: 10
Slight Resistance to All Elements

(In-game plural: tubs of Oil of Parrrlay)
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Item number: 2968
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Obtained From

The F'c'le
creamy pirate

When Used

You rub the cream all over your skin. I'm not jergen your chain when I tell you that your skin so soft. If it got much softer, they'd have to put you in intensive care. Or perhaps dip you in some ponds.
Balm.gifYou acquire an effect: Well-Oiled
(duration: 5 Adventures)


  • "Jergen", "skin so soft", and "ponds" are all references to popular face creams. The note about "intensive care" probably refers to the Vaseline Intensive Care line of body lotions.
  • The name of this item is most likely a pun on both oil of olay and the term parley as used in Pirates of the Caribbean.


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