Odor extractor

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odor extractor
odor extractor

This is an empty one-use syringe with a special needle designed to extract the odor from things.

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded or discarded

Capture a monster's smell so you can track down similar monsters

(In-game plural: odor extractors)
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Item number: 2462
Description ID: 364128826
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Obtained From

The Bounty Hunter Hunter's Shack (1 filthy lucre)

When Used

You stick the syringe deep into your opponent, and a milky green liquid fills it as you pull the plunger. Then you inject the fluid into your own arm, and it's like you're smelling it with your entire being.
Snout.gifYou acquire an effect: On the Trail
(duration: 40 Adventures)
You can't find a good place to stick the syringe.
  • If effect is already active:
You're already on the trail of something right now. You wouldn't want to overload your nose, would you?


  • Jick stated that using one of these on an ultrarare monster won't increase your chances of finding them again.


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