Now You're a Hero

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Now You're a Hero
Now You're a Hero

You stride to the middle of the arena, and your next opponent is announced over the loudspeakers: "Prepare yourself for... THE GRINNING COLOSSUS!"

With a banshee howl, a massive black spectre coalesces in front of you. It almost seems to suck the light out of the room -- if it weren't for the massive chandelier lowered from the ceiling of the chamber, the arena would be pitch dark. As it is, you can barely make out the creature's shape in the shadows. Only its wide, staring white eyes are easily discernable.

You leap forward to attack, but discover to your dismay that you can't hurt him with your weapons. The fiend's gigantic mouth opens with another howl, and bolts of evil magic arc forth, throwing you back against the wall.

As you rise unsteadily to your feet, you spot some markings scratched into the wall next to you. Hobo glyphs? Here? You dive out of the way of another volley of magic bolts, and quickly look them up in your binder...

"You have to burn the rope."

Your gaze snaps up to the chandelier. Of course! You quickly grab a nearby torch and begin to scale the uneven iron bars of the arena dome, leaping from handhold to handhold to dodge the creature's lethal projectiles. Soon you reach the top, one arm hooked around the bars, the other straining out with the torch... The rope bursts into flames and snaps almost instantly, sending the chandelier crashing into the behemoth below. It screams with pain and fury, exploding into fragments of darkness that quickly dissipate into the air.

Slowly, gasping for breath, you climb back down the cage wall and make some notes in your hobo glyphs binder. Now, how are you going to spend the rest of this day?

Occurs in The Thugnderdome.



  • This adventure is a reference to the game You Have To Burn The Rope, in which you must defeat the "Grinning Colossus" by burning the rope holding up a chandelier. "Now You're a Hero" is the name of the ending credits song; the last sentence of the adventure description is a quote from the song.