Northern Explosion

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Still needed: What is X? Does it have any extra chance to hit? (It can "miss" against sufficiently powerful targets, causing single-digit damage)

Northern Explosion

Northern Explosion

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 16

You've learned to unleash the chill winds of your homeland on your unsuspecting, previous-comfortably-warm foes. It's cold out there.

A powerful Smack that deals Cold Damage

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 10,000 Meat
Class: Seal Clubber
Level: 13
Effect: Does Cold Damage
When Used:
You freeze your opponent with the chill of your homeland, dealing X damage. Somebody should carve a frieze to commemorate the occasion.
You shoot your opponent an icy glare, then clobber it with an icy <weapon>, dealing X icy damage.
You serve your opponent a beating like the best dish of revenge... wait. You get revenge on your opponent, and you serve it best cold. Hmm. You serve your opponent some revenge according to the traditional recipe, and deal X damage.
You strike a chilling blow, dealing X damage and making a lonely whoooooosh sound.
Frost rimes your eyebrows (but does not rhyme with eyebrows) as you clobber your foe for X damage.
Y'know how beer tastes better in a frosty mug? Well, you mug your opponent with your frosty <weapon>, which is sort of similar, except that instead of being refreshing, it deals X damage.
You give your opponent the cold shoulder, then follow it up with the cold <weapon>, dealing X damage.

On miss:
You try to whip up a big batch of cold smackdown, but it only deals X damage.


  • If you are a Seal Clubber and are wielding a club, this skill will always hit, regardless of monster defense and your attack bonus.



  • The name of this skill is a reference to the 1990s CBS television show Northern Exposure.

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