Noble Ascetic

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Trophy Number: Unknown
Image Filename: nopic2.gif

Noble Ascetic
Noble Ascetic

This trophy is earned by having less than 10,000 meat on hand.

Noble Ascetic You're entitled to the "Noble Ascetic" trophy, for having less than 10,000 Meat on hand.


  • Showed up for April Fool's Day 2011. This trophy is impossible to buy, as you need to have at least 10,000 Meat on hand to purchase a trophy.
  • Attempting to buy the trophy anyway by going in with less than 10k meat and using meat gaining items via chat commands [e.g warm subject gift certificates] or opening another browser window, etc. results in the standard message "You don't meet the requirements for that trophy."
  • This trophy originally had the in-game #ID of trophy 97: however, trophy 97 was re-used (for the "Had To Have Caught Them All" trophy), so this trophy no longer exists. It is a matter of public record that nobody succeeded in finding a bug that would allow them to buy it during the 24 hours that it existed: and even if they had done so, it would have subsequently been converted into the replacement trophy.