Nightshade, the Dark Concubine

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Nightshade, the Dark Concubine
Nightshade, the Dark Concubine

Ah, at last you have come to your faithful servants! Come in and allow me the sweet torment of slaking your thirst, Master/Mistress. Should you choose one of your faithful concubines to receive the Kiss of Immortality, please tell the other bitches inside that I saw you first. Now, how may I serve you?

Oh, you're not really a sexy vampire? You're just wearing a sexy vampire costume? So there's no chance you'll hypnotize me and make me eat bugs, or maybe engage in incredibly filthy and degrading wanton sexual acts? Rats. Wait, do you want me to eat a rat to prove my worthiness?

Okay, fine. It's back to the Supernatural Romance section of the bookstore for me, I guess. Cool costume, though. Here, have some of our vampire candy.

Bloodnplenty.gifYou acquire an item: Blood 'n' Plenty

Occurs while Trick or Treating on Halloween with the effect Vampin'.