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Affirmations for certain path/class/day combinations.

New-You Club Membership Form
New-You Club Membership Form

Join the New-You Club today and receive an endless supply of life-improving affirmations and growth tips!

Sharpen that saw!

Move that cheese!

Win friends, influence people!

Join Today!

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: New-You Club Membership Forms)
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

Per the instructions on the back of the card, you place your hand over your heart and recite the membership oath: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!" You feel affirmed already!
  • When used with a correspondence active an additional message is shown:
(Only one correspondent may be active at a time, your New-You Club Membership is now active and this may be changed in the Options Menu.)
  • If you are already a member of the New-You Club:
You are already a member of the New-You Club.


  • May 2017's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Signs you up for a helpful daily affirmation!
Info page
  • Only 1 Correspondence IOTM may be active at once, you can change which is active in your settings.
  • In addition to when you use the membership form, you will receive a message with one of seven Daily Affirmation items in the Correspondence section of your mailbox at rollover and on ascension.
  • If the King has not been freed, the Affirmation received will be determined based on class, path, and day (per the table below).
  • If the King has been freed (Aftercore), the Affirmation will be selected randomly.
  • Each message containing a Daily Affirmation also has a "Saw-Sharpening" quest that can be completed once per day.
  • The quest is in the form of:
"Cast [skill], once per fight, against [monster] [number] times (look in [location])."
  • Each time you use the skill described against the monster, you get the in-combat message:
"You're really sharpening the old saw. You've done [number] out of [number]!"
  • Completion of this quest will yield the in-combat message:
"You did it! Your saw is so sharp!"
  • You will gain one VIP point the next day.
VIP Level VIP Points VIP Bonus
1 1 Affirmation Cookie after completing the previous day's quest
2 7 One free Affirmation Cookie each ascension
3 14 Newyou.gif
New-You Tattoo
4 21 Incredible Self-Esteem skill
5 30 Random Custom title
6 60 Random Custom title
7 90 Random Custom title
8 120 Probably a random Custom title. Followed by 150, 180, 210...


  • Affirmations can be used as potions or combat items.
Affirmation Potion Effect Combat Effect
Daily Affirmation: Adapt to Change Eventually
Foldednote.gif Adapt to Change Eventually (100 Adventures)
+4 Stats Per Fight
+50% Combat Initiative
Changes monster into another random monster
Daily Affirmation: Always be Collecting
Foldednote.gif Always be Collecting (100 Adventures)
+50% Item Drops from Monsters
+100% Meat from Monsters
Staggers, and after combat, drops a copy of every item that dropped
Daily Affirmation: Be a Mind Master
Foldednote.gif Be a Mind Master (100 Adventures)
Spell Damage +100%
Regenerate 10-20 MP per Adventure
Free runaway and banishes monster for 80 Adventures
Daily Affirmation: Be Superficially interested
Foldednote.gif Become Superficially interested (100 Adventures)
Monsters will be less attracted to you
can be toggled:
Foldednote.gif Become Intensely interested (100 Adventures)
Monsters will be more attracted to you
Increases monster encounter rate for 80 Adventures
(+3 copies to its location, does not remove queue rejection or stack with On the Trail)
Daily Affirmation: Keep Free Hate in your Heart
Foldednote.gif Keep Free Hate in your Heart (100 Adventures)
+30 to Monster Level
Damage Absorption +10
Delevels, and one per day, gives 3 PvP fights
Daily Affirmation: Think Win-Lose
Foldednote.gif Think Win-Lose (100 Adventures)
Muscle +50%
Mysticality +50%
Moxie +50%
Instakills the monster for no Adventure cost
Daily Affirmation: Work For Hours a Week
Foldednote.gif Work For Hours a Week (100 Adventures)
+5 to Familiar Weight
Regenerate 10-20 HP per Adventure
Grants Meat based on Monster stats
(14x the sum of HP, Attack, and Defense; min. 111, max. 11,111)
  • When the King has not been freed, the Affirmation received is determined by the sum of Path ID, Class ID, and Daycount:
Sum Affirmation Sum Affirmation Sum Affirmation Sum Affirmation
2 Be a Mind Master 19 Always Be Collecting 36 Always be Collecting 53 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
3 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 20 Be Superficially Interested 37 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 54 Always Be Collecting
4 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 21 Be a Mind Master 38 Think Win-Lose 55 Work For Hours a Week
5 Be Superficially Interested 22 Be Superficially Interested 39 Think Win-Lose 56 Be a Mind Master
6 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 23 Be a Mind Master 40 Adapt to Change Eventually 57 Work For Hours a Week
7  ? 24 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 41 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 58 Work For Hours a Week
8 Be Superficially Interested 25 Be Superficially Interested 42 Be Superficially Interested 59 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
9 Adapt to Change Eventually 26 Always be Collecting 43 Work For Hours a Week 60 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
10 Be Superficially Interested 27 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 44  ? 61 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
11  ? 28 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 45  ? 62 Adapt to Change Eventually
12  ? 29 Be Superficially interested 46  ? 63 Always Be Collecting
13  ? 30 Be Superficially interested 47  ? 64 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
14  ? 31 Be a Mind Master 48  ? 66  ?
15  ? 32 Think Win-Lose 49  ? 67  ?
16  ? 33 Be Superficially interested 50  ? 68  ?
17  ? 34 Adapt to Change Eventually 51  ? 69  ?
18  ? 35 Be Superficially interested 52  ? 70  ?



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