The Beginning of the Neverend

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The Beginning of the Neverend
The Beginning of the Neverend

You walk through the door of the house and take a look around.Every room is packed to the gills with jocks, nerds, burnouts, preppies, and bikers. Wow. The bikers seem like kind of a... dangerous outlier in that set.A frantic-looking kid taps you on the shoulder.

Or, if you are wearing a PARTY HARD T-shirt:

You walk through the door of the house and take a look around. At the sight of your cool T-shirt, the entire party starts pumping their fists at you and chanting "PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!" You, my dude, have arrived.A frantic-looking kid taps you on the shoulder.

"Hey, umm, can you help me?"

"What do you need help with?"

One of:

"Geraldine is in the kitchen, and she's in a real tizzy. I think it's something about snacks. Can you go see what she's in a tizzy about? I'm scared of her. You know how she gets."

"Actually I don't believe I've ever met her."

"Oh! Well then, she's wonderful and she's always in a good mood and you'll really enjoy helping her with whatever problem she's having with the snacks."


"Well, it's not me, it's Gerald."

"Who's Gerald?"

"My brother. He says we're running out of booze, and he says if we run out of booze everybody is going to leave. Can you go talk to him and help him get more booze? This is the only time we've ever been popular, and we really don't want it to end."


"Isn't it obvious? This party sucks."

"I dunno, it seems pretty jumping to me."

"I guess to somebody who would describe a party as 'jumping' it's acceptable, but we need to amp things up or it's gonna fade away to nothing. I'd say we're at about 10 megawoots right now, and we need to be at 100. Can you help me hype people up?"


"I... uh... well, this is my parents' house, and... uh... I wasn't really supposed to have a party."

"I see. What would you like me to do about it?"

"Uh... Make it so there's no party anymore? I imagine that if you... umm... got all of the people to leave, that that would do the trick."


"Well, we had this DJ earlier, and it was great, but he finished his set, and now he wants a bunch of Meat!"

"That seems... reasonable?"

"Really? Entertainment being shackled by capitalism seems reasonable to you? Well in that case, you won't have any objection to taking up a collection from the guests to pay the guy."


"Well, my parents are going to be back in a couple of hours, and I can't have them seeing the house like this."

"Full of people?"

"Oh, no, they don't care about that. It's the trash that they'll object to." He points at the piles of beer bottles and dirty paper plates on every surface. "Think you can help me clean the place up?"

Sure, I'll help

One of:

You leave the kid to his fretting and wander off in search of Geraldine.


You leave the kid to his fretting and wander off in search of Meat for the DJ.


You leave the kid to his fretting and wander off in search of trash to clean up.

No, I'm just here to party

Actually, I'll be right back

You decide you're not ready to party yet, so you bail.


  • Agreeing to help will start a quest that is called Party Fair in your Quest Log.
  • This introductory adventure will repeat itself when selecting the third option.


  • The third option to return later was added with trivial update on September 20, 2018.