Neverending Party guest pass

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Neverending Party guest pass
Neverending Party guest pass

This is actually just a scrap of napkin with "I INVITE YOU" written on it in lipstick, but you are assured that the bouncer at the Neverending Party will honor it.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Neverending Party guest passes)
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Obtained From

Neverending Party favor

When Used

Grants access to the Neverending Party in the Wrong Side of the Tracks until rollover, with the message:

You head over to the Wrong Side of the Tracks, find the party (it's not hard, you just follow the noise and trails of broken beer bottles) and show the bouncer your makeup-smeared napkin. I mean your invitation.
He writes your name down on his clipboard (in pencil, so it'll only last a day) and gestures for you to head inside.

If the Neverending Party is already accessible:

You're already invited to that party. No need to waste this.


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