Naughty Sorority Nurse

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Naughty Sorority Nurse
Monster ID 510
Locations The Battlefield (War Hippy Fatigues)
Hit Points 160
Attack 180
Defense 166
No-Hit 0
Initiative 30
Meat None
Phylum orc
Elements sleaze
Resistance None
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso
energy drink IV, gauze garter, gauze garter, kick-ass kicks, PADL Phone
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Naughty Sorority Nurse You're fighting a Naughty Sorority Nurse

This sorority girl was on her way to a costume party, and she was, like, dressed as a naughty nurse? Because, like, the sexy stewardess, the sexy pirate, the sexy referee, the sexy rollerskater, the sexy plumber, the sexy train conductor, the sexy papergirl, the sexy carpenter, the sexy auto mechanic, the sexy cable TV technician, the sexy taxi driver, the sexy explorer, the sexy detective, the sexy forensics examiner, the sexy judge, the sexy fast food worker, the sexy cop, the sexy Border Patrol agent, the sexy Robin Hood, the sexy persecuted witch, the sexy mental patient, the sexy teddy bear, and the sexy bee were already taken? Anyway, she totally got drafted into the Brotherhood of One?

Miss Message(s):

She adjusts her outfit.

She yawns and starts painting her toenails.

She taps her high-heeled foot impatiently.

Special Move(s):

She winks at you while she sensually rubs ointment on the bruise you just gave her. I won't say where.

She lifts her skirt (not pictured) a little bit south of far enough and licentiously applies a bandage to her thigh.

She extends her leg, slowly slides her garter bandage off and applies it to her forearm.

She notices a bruise on the upper slopes of her cleavage, and kisses it better.

She points out a little scratch on her cleavage and applies a bandage to it.

After Combat

Energyiv.gifYou acquire an item: energy drink IV (27.3% chance)*
Gauzegarter.gifYou acquire an item: gauze garter (25.1% chance)*
Gauzegarter.gifYou acquire an item: gauze garter (15.9% chance)*
Kicks.gifYou acquire an item: kick-ass kicks (1.6% chance)*
Padl.gifYou acquire an item: PADL Phone (2.6% chance)*
You gain 45 <substat>.

Occurs in The Battlefield (War Hippy Fatigues).


  • Instead of attacking, the Naughty Sorority Nurse heals herself for 75-100 HP each round, and will not heal herself beyond her maximum HP.
  • Unless you can kill her in a single hit, or reliably do a lot more than 100 damage per round (one fumble can undo all your progress there), you'll pretty much need to stun her (keep her from healing for one or two rounds).
    • A Levitating Potato will sometimes prevent the Naughty Sorority Nurse from healing herself.
    • A Macrame net (4 dimes at the Hippy Camp) or Superamplified boom box (4 quarters at the Frat House) stuns her, delevels her, and deals 90-100 damage; two rounds of that should finish her off nicely.


  • The list of "sexy" outfits in the description is taken from the blog memepool's November 1st 2006 entry, each with its own link to the costume in question.