Natural Selection

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Natural Selection
Natural Selection

You discover an unusually square snowdrift -- after you brush the snow off, it is revealed as a wooden crate filled with cans of spinach. This explains what the goats do for food on his godforsaken mountain. Most of the cans are partially-eaten (and the spinach inside them, too), but you find one that's intact.

After looking around to make sure no one's blowing into a great big trumpet and yodelling to warn you about bacterial outbreaks, you pocket the can.

Spinachcan.gifYou acquire an item: can of spinach

Occurs at The Goatlet, semi-rarely.


  • The trumpet and yodeling are a reference to commercials for Ricola, which sounds like 'E. Coli'.
  • Outbreaks of E. coli were traced to contaminated spinach in 2006, hence the bacterial warning.