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Monster Manuel
Monster Manuel

This ancient tome is the autobiography of Monster Manuel, the official Court Monstrologist for King Ralph II. Manuel really threw himself into his work, and when he died, he threw his soul into this book.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: Monster Manuels)
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Obtained From

Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

You drop Monster Manuel on the ground near your quest log. The book grows little stumpy arms and legs, and toddles over to the hollow other end of the quest log. He tunnels in and makes himself comfortable. "This'll do, amigo," he says from within, his voice echoing. "Find us some monsters, and I'll give you some fun facts, okay?"

(He is now accessible via the Monster Manuel tab of your Quest Log.)


  • When the Monster Manuel gives you information about a monster, he does so with one of the following messages:
Monster Manuel consults one of his appendices, then his lower intestine, then tells you this fact:
Monster Manuel consults his entry for the monster you just beat, and dishes out the following factoid:
Monster Manuel cross-references his appendices and comes up with the following theoretically entertaining factoid:
Monster Manuel taps his footnotes impatiently until he can examine your conquest, then tells you this fact about him:
Monster Manuel explains in great detail the difference between a simple fact and a factoid, then gives you this factoid:
Monster Manuel pops out of a hole in the ground, and says, "did you know that the average dire gopher can tunnel 27 meters a day, amigo? You did know that? Okay, okay, here's a fact about the fiend you just fought:"
Monster Manuel consults one of his footnotes, follows a cross-reference to a headnote, and gives you the following factoid:
Monster Manuel pops out from behind a nearby bush. "Ah, yes, I studied these cabrones extensively when I was alive. Here's a fun fact about them, okay:
Monster Manuel says, "nice fight there, amigo, but you probably could have done it quicker if you knew this, okay?" and tells you the following:
Monster Manuel drops out of a nearby tree. "Did you know that the Knott Slanding's pheromones can be smelled up to seven miles away? Oh, you don't care? Well, here's a fact about the thing you just fought, okay:
Monster Manuel sneaks up behind you, shouts, "BOO," then says, "I see you're easily startled, amigo, much like the Twitchy Pirate. But here's a fact about the monster you just beat:"
Monster Manuel swings down on a vine and looks at you critically. "You know, amigo, the average adventurer weighs in at about 150 pounds, okay? So maybe do a few push-ups between fights. Anyway, here's something you ought to know about your last opponent:"
Monster Manuel pops out from behind you. "You know, amigo, I am a font of wisdom, okay? Specifically, I'm helvetica of wisdom. Here's a fun fact about your last opponent:"
Monster Manuel surveys the grisly scene of your victory, blinking away wistful tears. "Amigo, I lived with these guys for years until I earned their trust and found out their secrets, okay. For example:"
Monster Manuel leaps out from behind you, startling you more than a little, and examines your latest conquest. "These guys are some tough cabrones, okay? Did you know:"

Known Unlocks

After you receive three factoids about certain creatures, the Monster Manuel unlocks the possibility they will drop an avatar-changing potion.

Monster Item Location
sensitive poet-type A muse-bouche The Rogue Windmill
Special Agent Wallace Burke Corrigan Agent Corrigan's cigarette Zombie Slayer Run
illegal alien alien hologram projector Some Scattered Smoking Debris
Foodie Giant artisanal hand-squeezed wheatgrass juice The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor)
triad code wizard ASCII fu manchu Triad Factory
Assassin assassin's cheese knife A Crowd of Adventurers (stench damage)
Bangyomaman Warrior Bangyomaman battle juice Seaside Megalopolis
black friar black friar's tonsure The Black Forest
black magic woman black magic powder The Black Forest
acid blob blob of acid The Dungeons of Doom
Blue Oyster cultist blue oyster badge A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters
Father Nikolai Ravonovich booby trap Zombie Slayer Run
BRICKO ooze (monster) BRICKO stud BRICKO ooze (item)
dirty thieving brigand brigand brittle The Themthar Hills
Mrs. K, the Chemistry Teacher bubblin' chemistry solution Chemistry Class
raging bull bull blubber South of The Border
man with the red buttons button rouge The Red Zeppelin
tin can conspirator censored can label The Gourd
Charity the Zombie Hunter Charity's choker Zombie Slayer Run
salaryninja cheap clip-on ninja tie Shiawase-Mitsuhama Building
confused goth music student clove-flavored lip balm The Haunted Conservatory
spelunking astronaut compressed air canister Mt. Molehill
Entire Shoplifter costume rental shop A Crowd of Adventurers (Muscle)
ancient ghost cube of ectoplasm Regret Man's Level
fan dancer dancing fan The Copperhead Club
clean-room daemon demonic surgical gloves Triad Factory
dweebie Dweebisol™ inhaler The Hallowed Halls
groast ectoplasm au jus The Nightmare Meatrealm
Bread Golem eldritch dough Tower Ruins
Copperhead Club bartender electric copperhead potion The Copperhead Club
Knob Goblin Embezzler embezzler's oil Cobb's Knob Treasury
Gnollish Flyslayer Enchanted Flyswatter Degrassi Knoll
eXtreme cross-country hippy enchanted muesli The eXtreme Slope
Gnollish Plungermaster Enchanted Plunger Degrassi Knoll
Odorous Humongous filthy armor A Crowd of Adventurers (stench damage)
Creepy Ginger Twin fireclutch Twin Peak
Fitness Giant Fitspiration™ poster The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement)
fleet woodsman flask of rainwater A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters
mind flayer flayed mind The Dungeons of Doom
forest spirit forest spirit rattle Outskirts of Camp Logging Camp
frog frog lip-print After casting CLEESH in combat
ancient insane monk Fu Manchu Wax The Haiku Dungeon
rabid MMO addict gamer slurry Chinatown Tenement
Urge to Stare at Your Hands gazely stare Mediocre Trip
Gnollish Gearhead Gearhead Goo Degrassi Knoll
Booze Giant giant breath mint Menagerie Level 3
Neckbeard Giant giant neckbeard The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement)
Goth Giant giant tube of black lipstick The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor)
remains of a jilted mistress gilt perfume bottle The Haunted Bedroom
Tan Gnat glass of gnat milk The Palindome
Drab Bard glass of warm milk The Palindome
Gnollish Crossdresser Gnollish Crossdress Degrassi Knoll
toothy pirate gold toothbrush Barrrney's Barrr
Wesley J. "Wes" Campbell good ash Zombie Slayer Run
government agent government-issue identification badge Some Scattered Smoking Debris
Scott the Miner grey cube Zombie Slayer Run
"Handyman" Jay Android handyman "hand soap" Seaside Megalopolis
haunted skullabra haunted flame The Ruined Wizard Tower
War Hippy Homeopath holistic headache remedy The Battlefield (Frat Warrior Fatigues)
Seannery the Conman leather glove A Crowd of Adventurers (Moxie)
Leonard Leonard's glasses A Crowd of Adventurers (sleaze damage)
Iiti Kitty Iiti Kitty Gumdrop The Middle Chamber
goblin conspirator illuminati earpiece The Gourd
tapdancing skeleton janglin' bones The Haunted Ballroom
Sub-Assistant Knob Mad Scientist Knob Goblin Mutagen The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob
large kobold kobold kibble The Dungeons of Doom
motorhead Lewd Lemmy Hair Oil The Hallowed Halls
lucky cat statue lucky cat's paw Chinatown Shops
lynyrd skinner lynyrd skinner toothblack A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters
one-eyed Gnoll Missing Eye Simulation Device Degrassi Knoll
waiter dressed as a ninja ninja eyeblack The Copperhead Club
ninja dressed as a waiter ninja fear powder The Copperhead Club
cyborg policeman oil-filled donut Seaside Megalopolis
grouchy furry monster Osk'r Chow Waste Processing
mad wino page of the Necrohobocon The Haunted Wine Cellar
perpendicular bat perpendicular guano Guano Junction
Kleptobrainiac pickpocket protector A Crowd of Adventurers (Mysticality)
wacky pirate pirate cream pie The Poop Deck
Jefferson pilot plastic Jefferson wings A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters
Punk Rock Giant punk patch The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor)
pygmy witch accountant pygmy adder oil The Hidden Apartment Building
pygmy blowgunner pygmy dart The Hidden Park
pygmy headhunter pygmy papers The Hidden Office Building
pygmy witch nurse pygmy witchhazel The Hidden Hospital
raven ravenous eye The Mouldering Mansion
red skeleton Red Army camouflage kit The Red Zeppelin
wastoid Redeye™ Eyedrops The Hallowed Halls
master of ceremonies Rogue Windmill Rouge The Rogue Windmill
drowned sailor salt water taffy The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons
Sorority Nurse scrunchie tourniquet The Battlefield (War Hippy Fatigues)
Norville Rogers Scuba Snack Zombie Slayer Run
tomb servant secret mummy herbs and spices The Upper Chamber & The Middle Chamber
Ham Shaman shamanic ham A Crowd of Adventurers (sleaze damage)
dairy goat Shivering Chèvre The Goatlet
pygmy witch lawyer short deposition The Hidden Apartment Building, The Hidden Office Building, The Hidden Park
spiny skelelton skelelton spine The Defiled Nook & The Misspelled Cemetary (Post-Cyrpt)
skeletal monkey skeletal banana The Haunted Conservatory
skullery maid Skullery Maid's Knee The Haunted Kitchen
Smart Skelton Smart Bone Dust The Misspelled Cemetary (Pre-Cyrpt)
Cheese Wizard smellbook A Crowd of Adventurers (stench damage)
smut orc pervert smut orc sunglasses The Smut Orc Logging Camp
Space Marine space marine flash grenade Seaside Megalopolis
spooky gravy fairy warlock spooky gravy fairy warlock hat The Spooky Gravy Burrow
Steampunk Giant steampunk potion The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor)
menacing lawn gnome stick-on gnome beard The Landscaper's Lair
X Stone Golem Stone Golem pebbles Fernswarthy's Basement
Medieval strawman debator straw pole Ye Olde Medievale Villagee
Quiet Healer Tears of the Quiet Healer The Penultimate Fantasy Airship
tribal goblin temporary tribal tattoo The Jungles of Ancient Loathing
yakuza thug temporary yak tattoo Chinatown Tenement
bundle of Meat of Happiness the kindest cold cut A Grocery Bag
skeletal hamster tiny canopic jar The Haunted Conservatory
François Verte, Art Teacher tomato soup poster Art Class
mud turtle turtle mud The Weird Swamp Village
Persona Inocente Cadáver una poca de gracia El Dia de Los Muertos Borrachos
unholy diver unholy water The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons
swamp hag vial of swamp vapors The Dark and Spooky Swamp, The Corpse Bog
pygmy shaman voodoo glowskull The Hidden Apartment Building
Father McGruber votive candle Zombie Slayer Run
white chocolate golem White Chocolate Golem Seeds Whitey's Grove
zombie chef zombie hollandaise The Haunted Kitchen


  • This item became a permanent addition to Mr. Store on September 18, 2012. Its in-store description:
Lets you collect interesting facts (and boring statistics) about the monsters you encounter.
  • After this item is successfully used, the Monster Manuel can be accessed via the Monster Manuel section of your Quest Log. For more information and a list of all Quest Log entries, see:
Monster Manuel Entries
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