Molten scrap metal

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molten scrap metal
molten scrap metal

The nice thing about being on fire is that it's a great equalizer. This metal is so hot that it's impossible to tell the difference between it and metal that used to be good.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 15 Meat.

Deals 20-30 Hot Damage and sets your opponent on fire

(In-game plural: pieces of molten scrap metal)
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Item number: 6740
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Obtained From

The Old Landfill
Junksprite melter

When Used

You hurl the glob of molten metal at your opponent, all of whose bits immediately burst into flames, causing 20-30 damage.



  • Causes recurring burning damage with the message:
Your opponent continues to burn, suffering an additional 20-30 damage.
  • The burning damage is initially equal to the damage the combat item inflicted. It recurs for two additional rounds, causing diminishing amounts of damage, then ends with this message:
Your opponent continues to burn, suffering an additional X damage. It then manages to stop being on fire.

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