Mine overseer (female)

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Mine overseer
Monster ID 1787
Locations The Velvet / Gold Mine
Hit Points 100
Attack 50
Defense 50
Initiative 50
Meat None
Phylum dude
Elements hot
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts arm,head,leg,torso
Gold Velvet™ whiskey, fireproof megaphone
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
mine overseer You're fighting a mine overseer

You might think this miner might be friendlier to you, what with how you helped liberate the mine and everything, but nope. Power corrupts, and power that comes with a megaphone corrupts absolutely.

Hit Message(s):

She makes one of the miners kneel behind you, so she can push you over into a puddle of lava. (hot damage)

She orders one of the miners to attack you with his red-hot mining drill, but he's too slow to act, so she grabs it from him and does it herself. If you want someone killed right... (hot damage)

She pushes the wrong button on her new megaphone, and it makes an extremely loud feedback squeal that knocks you into a pool of lava. So maybe it was the right button after all. (hot damage)

Critical Hit Message:

She orders a nearby miner to attack you with his red-hot mining drill, and he is only too happy to comply. (hot damage)

Miss Message(s):

She orders one of the miners to attack you with his mining drill, but he's still kind of unfamiliar with the controls.

She tries to attack you with a red-hot mining drill, but no longer has one. Force of habit, I guess.

She tries to arrange a coordinated attack with one of the miners, but he obstinately refuses to do anything that isn't in his job description.

Fumble Message:

She shouts at some nearby miners to attack you, but hasn't quite got the hang of her new megaphone yet. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Fancybrew.gifYou acquire an item: Gold Velvet™ whiskey (% chance)*
Megaphone.gifYou acquire an item: fireproof megaphone (% chance)*
You gain 12.5 <substat>.

Occurs at The Velvet / Gold Mine. Only appears if you have checked out HR