Milk of magnesium

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milk of magnesium
milk of magnesium

This magical beverage is designed to amplify the quality of food by causing it to burn more rapidly in your stomach, releasing more calories. That's how digestion works, right? I'm pretty sure that's right.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 36 Meat.
Effect: Got Milk (10 Adventures)You like food; food tastes good.

(In-game plural: milks of magnesia)
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Item number: 1650
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Lovepotion.gif glass of goat's milk scrumptious reagent
Equals.gif milk of magnesium

When Used

You drink the milk of magnesium, and it starts a fire in your guts.
Milk.gifYou acquire an effect: Got Milk
(duration: 10/15/20 Adventures)


  • While the effect granted by most reagent potions has a base duration of 5 turns, this potion yields an effect with a base duration of 10 turns. A base duration of 5 turns was deemed to be too strongly in favor of Saucerors, who can make more potions and get longer durations from their effects.


  • Magnesium hydroxide, known as Milk of Magnesia, is used medicinally both as a laxative and for heartburn and indigestion relief.


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