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Based on a patented molecule called "Mayonnaise-9," this drug contains enzymes that turn any organic material they come into contact with into a primitive form of mayonnaise. It's like the Midas touch, only better.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

Instead of giving Adventures, the next thing you eat will increase your blood-mayonnaise level.

(In-game plural: packets of Mayonex)
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Item number: 8261
Description ID: 342184917
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Obtained From

Your Workshed
The Mayo Clinic (1,000 Meat)

When used

  • From inventory:
You tear the corner of the packet open and coat the inside of your mouth with Mayonex.
You shouldn't use this without access to a Mayo Clinic. You're not confident you'd get the dosage correct without proper supervision.


  • When used, appends this message to the next food consumed:
You feel the Mayonex gurgling in your stomach.
Blankoutglob.gifYou acquire an effect: Force of Mayo Be With You
(duration: ?? Adventures)
  • Blood-mayo and turns of Force of Mayo gained are both equal to the number of adventures the food would have given.
  • This works even in Slow and Steady - you gain blood-mayo and buff turns equal to the number of adventures that the food would have given.


  • "Mayonnaise-9" is a reference to the fictional ice-nine from Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, a form of ice with an unusually high melting point that transforms all liquid water it touches into a solid.


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Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings
Mayocase.gif Clinical Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise Packets
Mayo1.gif Mayonex Gain blood mayo instead of Adventures
Mayo2.gif Mayodiol Convert 1 Fullness to Drunkenness
Mayo3.gif Mayostat Recover a portion of food
Mayo4.gif Mayozapine Increased stat gains and effect durations
Mayo5.gif Mayoflex Increased adventure yield
Medical Supplies
Mayo Minder™ usable automatically consume mayo
sphygmayomanometer accessory all stats +(X+20)%
(where X is blood mayo concentration)
tomayohawk-style reflex hammer combat item, reusable staggers enemy and deals Sleaze Damage based on blood mayo
mayo lance combat item, reusable yellow ray
(turns of cooldown decrease with blood mayo)
miracle whip 2h weapon (whip) initiative +50%
weapon damage +50
item drops +50%
meat drops +100%
Portable Mayo ClinicForce of Mayo Be With You