Maybe It's a Sexy Snake!

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Maybe It's a Sexy Snake!
Maybe It's a Sexy Snake!

You're approached from behind (huh huh) by a sleazy-looking (what a surprise!) hobo, who taps you on the shoulder.

"Hey, buddy," he says, "you wanna see somethin' sexy? I've got it right here. In my pants. Only 5 nickels."

"I... uh..." you stammer...

(You currently have X hobo nickels.)

Take a Chance? (5 hobo nickels)
  • With 5 hobo nickels:

You hand over the nickels, and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out what looks like a playing card. He winks and hands it to you.

Lewdcard.gifYou acquire an item: lewd playing card
  • Without 5 hobo nickels:

You can't afford to see anything sexy right now. It's probably just as well.

No... no... really. No thanks.

You slowly back away from the hobo.

Occurs at The Purple Light District, semi-rarely.


  • Unlike usual ignorable choice adventures, skipping does consume an adventure.