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All players find themselves at some time requiring more Meat. Whether it is to buy that last skill you need, or to save up for that Ultra-Rare you've always wanted, you'll have to be dressed appropriately.

Note that purchasing all the item buffs below is not necessarily cost-efficient, as the resulting drop bonus may not cover the cost of the buffs. It may be more useful for a Meat farmer to read Basic Farming or Advanced Farming instead.

For a complete list of everything which will affect the amount of Meat dropped by monsters, see Meat from Monsters.

Ultra rares and Raffle House/Radio prizes Tradable and still obtainable, but rare
Semi-rares and war hero drops
Mr. Store/KoL Con accessible derivatives Tradable (directly or ingredients or zone access consumable), unlimited generation to those who own source, source no longer obtainable
Mr. Store/KoL Con items and inaccessible derivatives Tradable, but no longer obtainable
Other limited time content
Clan Dungeon non-tradables Untradable, but still obtainable
Other non-tradables
Non-tradables from past holidays and world events Untradable, and no longer obtainable
* Single-equip restriction, or two-handed/three-handed weapon
^ Equipment disappears at the end of the day or the equipment (or its associated enchantment) has a limited duration

NOTE: Leprechaun-type familiars increase meat drops with weight. The Hobo Monkey acts as a Leprechaun at 1.25 times the weight, and will also occasionally steal an extra 50-100 meat from your opponent during combat.

Familiar Hat Back Shirt Pants
Weight Leprechaun type Hobo Monkey
1 10.83% 13.08%
5 37.17% 43.58%
10 60.90% 71.44%
15 81.45% 95.73%
20 100.33% 118.16%
25 118.16% 139.42%
30 135.24% 159.83%
35 151.75% 179.61%
40 167.81% 198.88%
45 183.50% 217.74%
50 198.88% 236.26%
60 228.89% 272.45%
70 258.10% 307.74%
80 286.66% 342.32%
90 314.71% 376.32%
100 342.32% 409.83%
Hodgman's porkpie hat 25 Hobo Power
crumpled felt fedora 10 lbs
Zombo's skullcap 10 lbs (Turtle Tamers only)
wad of used tape 30%
Crown of Thrones with a Golden Monkey,
Hobo Monkey,
Knob Goblin Organ Grinder, or
Happy Medium
Crown of Thrones with a Leprechaun-type 20%
The Crown of Ed the Undying with a golden mouse installed 20%
Boris's Helm 5 lbs
papier-mitre 5 lbs
warbear foil hat 5/15 lbs (Turtle Tamers only)
plexiglass pith helmet 5 lbs
Lens of Hatred 15%
ancient turtle shell helmet 10%
gold crown 10%
Hairpiece On Fire 5 Smithsness
Elder Turtle Shell 3 lbs (Turtle Tamers only)
Carpe (will disappear after rollover) 50%
Buddy Bjorn with a Golden Monkey,
Hobo Monkey,
Knob Goblin Organ Grinder, or
Happy Medium
Buddy Bjorn with a Leprechaun-type 20%
Drapes-You-Regally 20% (Disco Bandits only)
teddybear backpack 10% (Disco Bandits only)
Cloak of Dire Shadows 10%
Buddy Bjorn with a Barrrnacle-type 5 lbs
origami pasties 30%
duct tape shirt 20%
Sneaky Pete's leather jacket 20%
cane-mail shirt 15%
Stephen's lab coat 5 lbs
Unkillable Skeleton's breastplate 5 lbs (Turtle Tamers only)
Ye Olde Navy Fleece 10%
BGE 'cuddly critter' shirt 7%
Portable pantogram pants (will disappear after rollover) potentially 60% and 10 lbs
Great Wolf's beastly trousers 10 lbs
Galapagosian Cuisses 10 lbs (Turtle Tamers only)
Pantsgiving 30%
Hodgman's lobsterskin pants 25 Hobo Power
poodle skirt 25%
astral trousers 20%
stainless steel slacks 20%
Spooky Putty leotard 15%
Greaves of the Murk Lord 5 lbs
Vicar's Tutu 5 Smithsness
Mainhand Offhand Accessory Familiar equipment Outfit
scratch 'n' sniff sword with 3 scratch 'n' sniff UPC sticker 75%
knife (will disappear after rollover) 50%
Meatcleaver* 35%
garbage sticker 30%
astral longbow* 30%
ice nine (will disappear after rollover) 30%
Coily™* 25%
Seeger's Unstoppable Banjo* 23%
gnawed-up dog bone 5 lbs
iFlail 5 lbs
Shakespeare's Sister's Accordion 5 Smithsness 10 with Accordion Appreciation
bottle-rocket crossbow 15%
meatspout staff* 15%
sticky hand whip 15%
Meat Tenderizer is Murder, Saucepanic, Hand that Rocks the Ladle, or Frankly Mr. Shank (as the appropriate class) 5 Smithsness
Work is a Four Letter Sword, Sheila Take a Crossbow, or Staff of the Headmaster's Victuals 5 Smithsness
fish bazooka* 10%
Shagadelic Disco Banjo* 10%
cyber-mattock* 10%
rusted-out shootin' iron 10%
acoustic guitarrr* 8%
muculent machete 5%
world's smallest violin 5%
fouet de tortue-dressage 10 lbs (TT only)
Half a Purse 2% per Smithsness
Hodgman's garbage sticker 1% per Hobo Power
Hodgman's imaginary hamster 1% per Hobo Power
knife (will disappear after rollover) 50%
garbage sticker 30%
ice nine (will disappear after rollover) 30%
silver cow creamer 30%
Loathing Legion electric knife 20%
gnawed-up dog bone 5 lbs
iFlail 5 lbs
Bag o' Tricks 15%
bobble-hip hula elf doll 15%
bottle-rocket crossbow 15%
cup of infinite pencils 15%
sticky hand whip 15%
Ellsbury's skull 10%
loadstone 10%
old school flying disc 5 lbs
Operation Patriot Shield 5 lbs
(TT only)
Ouija Board, Ouija Board 5 lbs
(TT only)
cheap sunglasses 60% (at Barf Mountain only)
ring of the Skeleton Lord* 50%
LOV Earrings (will disappear after rollover) 50%
Belt of Loathing 10 lbs
Hodgman's lucky sock* 50 Hobo Power
incredibly dense meat gem 40%
Grimacite gauntlets* 30%
gold detective badge 30%
Grimacite galoshes* 25%
Sister Accessory 25% (minimum of +20 Meat)
Uncle Hobo's belt* 25%
silver detective badge 25%
Hodgman's bow tie* 25 Hobo Power
droll monocle* 20%
Mr. Screege's spectacles* 20%
natty blue ascot 20%
bronze detective badge 20%
bewitching boots 10-20%
bitter bowtie 10-20%
brazen bracelet 10-20%
stinky cheese eye 1-20%
Baron von Ratsworth's money clip* 15%
evil flaming eyeball pendant* 15%
ice skates* 15%
long-forgotten necklace 15%
plaid pocket square 15%
pulled porquoise pendant* 15%
Radio KoL Bottle Opener 15%
Xiblaxian xeno-detection goggles* 15%
plastic detective badge 15%
Order of the Silver Wossname* 11%
Hand in Glove 5 Smithsness
Li'l pirate costume (will disappear after rollover) 300% (Trick-or-Treating Tot only)
lucky Tam O'Shanter 50%
lucky Tam O'Shatner 50%
Mayflower bouquet 0-40% and 5 lbs
astral pet sweater 10 lbs
sugar shield 10 lbs
Most familiar specific equipment 5 lbs
lead necklace 3 lbs
Hodgman's Regal Frippery 25 Hobo Power
Effects and buffs Familiar weight Effects and Buffs Passive skills, non-buff skills and others
Synthesis: Greed 300% (using Sweet Synthesis skill)
How to Scam Tourists 300% (at Barf Mountain only)
Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! 2-200%
Covetin' Drunk 200%
Frosty 200%
Sinuses For Miles 200%
Let's Go Shopping! 150%
Preternatural Greed 100%
Kicked in the Sinuses 100%
Low on the Hog 100%
Trufflin' 100%
Cravin' for a Ravin' 100%
Sour Softshoe 2-100%
Amorous Avarice 0-100%
Carrion' On 60%
meat.enh 60%
Polka Face 5-55%
Black Tongue 50% and 5 lbs (does not stack with other tongues)
Merry Smithsness 25 Smithsness
Big Meat Big Prizes 50%
Cowlick 50% (Avatar of Sneaky Pete only)
Egg-stortionary Tactics 50%
Eyes Wide Propped 50%
Human-Constellation Hybrid 50%
Peppermint Twisted 50%
Polka of Plenty 50%
Red Tongue 50% (does not stack with other tongues)
Song of Fortune 50% (Avatar of Boris only)
The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder 50%
Turkey-Ambitious 50%
Dances with Tweedles 40%
The Grass... Is Blue... 40%
Sweet Heart 2-40% (does not stack with other love songs)
Winklered 40%
Can't Be a Chooser 30%
Your Cupcake Senses Are Tingling 30%
Wasabi Sinuses 30%
Flashing Eyes 30%
Greedy Resolve 30%
Smithsness Presence 10 Smithsness
Smithsness Cheer 10 Smithsness
Smithsness Dinner 10 Smithsness
Badger Underfoot 20%
Blackberry Politeness 20%
Heart of Pink 20%
Holiday Bliss 20%
Human-Humanoid Hybrid 20%
Make Meat FA$T! 20%
Sticky Fingers 20%
Swimming with Sharks 20%
Things Man Was Not Meant to Eat 20%
Tingling Feeling 20%
Material Witness 10%
Cranberry Cordiality 10%
Leo Rising 10%
So You Can Work More... 10%
Hobonic 5 Hobo Power
Video... Games? 5%, 5 pounds, 5 Smithsness, 5 Hobo Power
She Ate Too Much Candy 1-25 lbs
Meteor Showered 20 lbs
Puzzle Champ 5-20 lbs
Robot Friends 20 lbs
Smart Drunk 20 lbs
All Is Forgiven 10 lbs
Bureaucratized 10 lbs
Chorale of Companionship 10 lbs
Crocodile Tear 10 lbs (Underwater only)
Cold Hearted 1-10 lbs (does not stack with other love songs)
Down With Chow 10 lbs
Healthy Green Glow 10 lbs
Hip to the Jive 10 lbs
Human-Fish Hybrid 10 lbs
Joy 10 lbs
Open Heart Surgery 10 lbs
Pajama Party 10 lbs
Spirit of Galactic Unity 10 lbs
Thanksgetting 10 lbs
The Inquisitor's Unknown Effect 10 lbs
Unbarking Dogs 10 lbs
Whole Latte Love 10 lbs
Billiards Belligerence 5 lbs
Empathy 5 lbs
Black Tongue 5 lbs (does not stack with other tongues)
Blue Swayed 1-5 lbs
ChibiChanged™ 5 lbs
Cute Vision 5 lbs
familiar.enq 5 lbs
Greased-Up Familiar 5 lbs (Underwater only)
Green Tongue 5 lbs (does not stack with other tongues)
Heavy Petting 5 lbs
Human-Machine Hybrid 5 lbs
Kindly Resolve 5 lbs
Loyal Tea 5 lbs
Man's Worst Enemy 5 lbs
Optimist Primal 5 lbs
Over-Familiar With Dactyls 5 lbs
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy 5 lbs
Spookyravin' 5 lbs
Squirming Like a Toad 5 lbs
Sugar-Frosted Pet Guts 5 lbs
Sweet Incentive 5 lbs
Toothy Grin 5 lbs
Turkey-Friendly 5 lbs
Video... Games? 5 lbs
Warm Shoulders 5 lbs
Work For Hours a Week 5 lbs
You Can Really Taste the Dormouse 5 lbs
Phairly Pheromonal 4 lbs
Beastly Flavor 3 lbs
Bestial Sympathy 3 lbs
Happy Salamander 3 lbs
Heart of Green 3 lbs
Souper Vengeful 3 lbs (Turtle Tamers only)
Thanksgot 2 lbs
Rave Nirvana 50%
VYKEA Couch 10-50%
Lasagmbie 20-40% (PM only)
Nimble Fingers 20%
The Wombat 20%
Base familiar weight 1-20 lbs
Expert Panhandling (w/ a saucepan equipped) 15%
Expert Panhandling (w/o a saucepan equipped) 10%
Disco Leer 10%
Thief Among the Honorable 10%
Gnefarious Pickpocketing 10%
Thrift and Grift 10%
Pasta Eyeball 10% (non-PM only)
Amphibian Sympathy 5 lbs
Leash of Linguini 5 lbs


Available under Bad Moon

Farming for Meat with a NPZR

A NPZR has an 11% chance to give [(6 × weight) + 10] meat, per combat round, in the first 10 rounds of any fight.
It also has an 11% chance to deal (weight × 3/2) damage, per combat round.

The 10 round cap has effectively ended the NPZR's reign as meat-farming familiar of choice. The following information is left as an archive of past functionality, rather than a useful modern guide.

Example - Farming the Castle in the Sky

Possibly, the best area for NPZR meat farming would be the The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky, because the base meat drop is added to the meat given by the NPZR. Of course, the non-combat adventures decrease the efficiency, so increasing combat frequency is highly recommended.

All monsters at the Castle have 150 HP. Meat drop is 135-194 (avg: ~150) per monster. So, let's compare a 50-lb NPZR with a 50-lb Leprechaun. In 10 rounds of combat at 11% Chance of meat drop you get a meat drop 1.1 times/adventure. A full weight Stocking Mimic (assuming it's just a really heavy cocoabo) you have a 1/12 chance of getting meat meaning you get 5/6 of a drop per fight. If you do all the math, you will get:

  • 50-lb leprechaun = 448.35 meat (198.9% extra meat plus 150 from the end of combat)
  • 50-lb NPZR = 491 meat/adventure (310/drop which averages 341 meat plus the 150 you get from the end of combat)
  • 130-lb Stocking Mimic (100-lb plus the 30 bonus the others got) = 727 meat/adventure (693.2 per drop factoring in Happy Holidays, averaging out to 578 per actual fight, plus 150 from the end of combat)

Thus, a Stocking Mimic is better than a NPZR, which is better than a leprechaun at the castle.

Dressing Up

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