Map to Safety Shelter Grimace Prime

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Map to Safety Shelter Grimace Prime
Map to Safety Shelter Grimace Prime

This is a safety shelter built far beneath the Grimace colony as a precaution against things like heavy radiation, alien attack, and a catastrophic meteor strike.

Naturally, once the manure hit the windmill, the elven council denied existence of the shelter right up until they shut themselves in and slammed the door.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Maps to Safety Shelter Grimace Prime)
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Item number: 5172
Description ID: 590025247
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Obtained From

The Domed City of Grimacia
grizzled survivor
unhinged survivor
whiny survivor

When Used

  • with Transpondent effect:
    Takes you Deep Inside Grimace, Bow Chick-a Bow Bow.
  • without:
    This map shows the location of an underground complex on Grimace, and you have no way of getting to Grimace right now.
  • with no adventures remaining:
    You don't have time to go to the moon, man.


  • Deep Inside Grimace, Bow Chick-a Bow Bow is a choice adventure which will lead to one of six rewards. There are two paths which lead to each reward (not counting paths which loop back through the first node). One path for each reward is listed below.
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Reward
Drink That One Door Captain Smirk distention pill
Drink That One Door Green Girl synthetic dog hair pill
Coat Check Left Cross Heal Thy Nanoself (10 Adventures)
Coat Check Left Duke E.M.U. harness
Campsite Purple Port 2 elven hardtack, 2 elven squeeze
Campsite Purple Starboard E.M.U. helmet