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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 19,078 Meat.

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Hotstuff: Okay, I've added the ability to re-roll the item instructors desire.
Hotstuff: We definitely considered this, but were concerned that people might farm up a bunch of the desired item one day only to have it switched on them the following day... So we decided to leave it as-is...
Jick: Serve It In A Bowl, Joel
Hotstuff: This seems like both a feature and an accurate representation of reality to me!
Jick: To Shame Mankind

Today's Featured Article:

Uncle Crimbo

Merry Crimbo, everyone! Crimbo is a special time of year - well, time of three and a half years - which is observed by every single adventurer in the Kingdom. Traditional Crimbo rituals include receiving presents, eating candy, union busting, succumbing to amnesia and travelling through time, getting assimilated by aliens, mutating, busting kneecaps for the Mafia, working at a soul-crushing office job, supplying addicts with their fix (of sugar), building super ultra battle robot go <_<, ruining the environment, playing with robots, being one with your fellow man, cleaning your... hat, and keeping very, very quiet. So you can see why everyone observes it, I mean... how could you miss it?

Punch a square from your Advent Calendar, drink some punch made with highly questionable ingredients, and punch your way through Crimbo Town, and I'll see you again in three and a half years... if the fates allow!

Today in KoL History:

2008: In an effort to combat Crimbo lag, we've made some changes to the way using and equipping items from your inventory work. It was kind of a rush job, so there are a few little quirks we're not totally happy with. We'll work on those after the Crimbo rush dies down.

We've also rolled out a new batch of chat commands, along with a revamped (and far, far more useful) macro system. See CDM's post here for details.

Also, all classes now start with a cheap combat skill -- it'll be given to you the first time you visit the main page.

2007: Some amateur astronomers with telescopes in their campsites have determined that the new object in the sky is no moon -- it's a space station!

2007: Items that do prismatic elemental damage (like the yohohoyo) should now properly Pulverize into elemental stuff.

2007: Made some changes to the way to-hit and damage work for Thrust Smack and Lunging Thrust Smack in concert with Eye of the Stoat. This should make it a little easier for high level Seal Clubbers to deal with scaling monsters, and help speed up combats a little for casual play.

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