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Today's Featured Article:

Gnomish Gnomads' Camp

The Gnomish Gnomads' Camp is located within the Desert Beach, but only those who ascend under certain Zodiac signs are allowed to visit. It is home to some very helpful gnomes and a valued part of the Kingdom with a few post-apocalyptic locales. Fragnk, the Regnaissance Gnome is willing to teach gnomish skills, including the awaregness of a certain part of the body. Gnomes possess an affinity for building sophisticated machinery, and Gnorman, the Supertinker can assemble technological wonders and anachronistic robots for any visitors. Adventurers travel from far and wide to a Gnomish bar for both locally brewed booze and other cheap drinks.

After NS13, the gnomes opened up some new areas of their camp, including an endless source of irritation called The Annoy-o-Tron 5000, and Gno-Mart, which sells both South of The Border imports and bottles of different sizes containing acids that dissolve pork elf gems.

Today in KoL History:

2009: Spirit Hoboes and Gluttonous Green Ghosts can now be boozed-up and fed in quantity from the terrarium page.

2008: The first encounter with Mr. Alarm should now properly respond to +Noncombat skills and effects.

2007: Titanium assault umbrellas now give slight resistance to all elements, instead of just spooky and sleaze.

2003: Some slight rearrangements of things, and some new graphics. Now I can add new zones without crowding up the main page so much. And new zones I will add, believe you me.

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