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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 14,032 Meat.

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

I'll Take That

August 2014's Mr. Store special has arrived, but be careful not to have it taken from you. The Confiscator's Grimoireallows you to draw forth many less-than-legitimate goods that have been taken from various schoolchildren across the ages by The Confiscator, a mysterious entity unto itself. Of course, being a Grimoire this item isn't going to be strictly optimal, nor is it going to speed your runs up significantly - but it sure does contain a lot of fun flavor. For discussion of this item, please point your eyeballs to the discussion thread.

Today's Featured Article:

Fortune Cookie

In the Kingdom of Loathing, Fortune cookies serve a much different purpose than a bad chance at the lottery; on top of providing in-game clues and advice, they also act as a Semi-Rare Adventure indicator. These harder-to-come-by adventures normally occur about every 160-200 adventures (depending on what path you are on), and can be planned ahead by finding your lucky number, discovered by eating fortune cookies. Semi-Rare Adventures only take place in certain areas, and can yield a variety of useful items - ranging from meat, to full health restorers that can be used in combat, to a clan trophy.

See this table of Semi-Rare Adventure items and their locations, and start planning!

Today in KoL History:

2008: Guess what's been revamped?

Can't guess? Well, then, I'll tell you.
The Haiku Dungeon.

2008: The chat's repetition filter no longer affects /hobopolis.

2006: All monsters can now get both critical hits and fumbles in combat. This change is accompanied by special critical and fumble messages unique to each monster. Yay, more dumb jokes!

Also, the Icy Peak is now finally a real zone. Several new monsters and encounters have been added, making it significantly less boring than it used to be. Yay, more content!

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