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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
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haunted doghouse
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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Summer is here, and what better way to spend the dog days than in a One Crazy Random Summer run? The new Summer 2015 challenge path causes monsters tochange in inexplicable ways. Some may be drunk, others shy and still others... turgid. Each class has a unique reward for completing the path, so collectors will need to run this path at least six times (but not necessarily in-season). The leaderboards are somewhat different too, awarding players for having the "Funestest" run. As usual, the Forums of Loathing are discussing the new mechanics and strategies in-depth in the official discussion thread!

Today's Featured Article:

The Terrified Eagle Inn

Hail and well met, weary traveler. Stay a while here at The Terrified Eagle Inn, but go no further! Do not approach Dreadsylvania if you value your life! You'll never make it through the woods on your own, and the only fool who's fool enough to take you through the village and to the castle is three sheets to the wind - and that's just not enough sheets!

The last group said they had it all figured out - that they made a map and could "get rid of" some of the ghosts and monsters and miscellaneous dead things (their words) that were waiting for 'em, all so they could take the hideous things that run the place... and make 'em madder? Madness!

Now, relax, and have some cocoa. That'll be one Freddy Kruegerand. You don't have any? Well then either go home and play in your basement or get into Dreadsylvania and get some!

Today in KoL History:

2008: The new crafting interface has undergone a few tweaks and enhancements. See CDMoyer's forum post for details.

2007: Happy Belated Third Anniversary of Mr. Store! Two new familiars are available, to replace the Nervous Tick and the Jitterbug.

Also today, Trick-or-Treating, with new content for the new outfits that came with NS13.

2006: Tomorrow's rollover (starting Monday, 8:30 PM, Arizona Time (-7 GMT)) will be a long rollover, taking as many as two or three hours (though hopefully less.) We are performing some maintenance on the database servers that should (hopefully) reduce lag (and reduce parenthetical statements. (We hope it helps.))

2004: Alright, so the host took the database server down for maintenance, and one of the tables got corrupted. I'm rebuilding everything right now, and everything should be back to normal by 9:30 or so, PST.

2004: UPDATE: Okay, so everything should be fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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