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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

KoL fans are probably familiar with Jick, Riff and HotStuff from the KoL podcasts and various forum postings and item descriptions - but did you know that there's another member of Asymmetric Publications? Chris CDMoyer Moyer serves as the kingdom's overlord of player versus player combat and also the key programmer behind many of the game's systems. This week, we salute CDMoyer, the often-unsung hero of much of the game, with this newspost and by displaying all Wiki text in comic sans, CDMoyer's favourite font.

If you hate fun, you can opt out of the week of comic sans by visiting your CSS Userpage Special:Mypage/vector.css and adding the line *{ font-family: Verdana; } but beware: you will be known as a fun-hater. More news

Today's Featured Article:


This is the council that runs the Kingdom of Loathing, waiting for a brave adventurer that will free King Ralph XI. The council gives the adventurers different quests and eventually will ask them to free the king. Apart from regular quests that involves cleaning the kindom, you may also get additional quests.

Get ordered around by The Council of Loathing here.

Today in KoL History:

2008: Rings of gain strength, adornment, and increase damage have all had their enchantments doubled.

2007: A handful of monsters have been given new special attacks and/or random things that happen during combat. There will be more of these added over the next few days.

2006: The new Accordion Thief songs now count properly towards one's three song limit.

2003: Another feature, another bug. The clover/sewer adventure is up, and the infinite adventures bug it introduced is band-aided up for now. I'll figure out something better to do when I get home from work.

2003: Epic Hat Quests are now implemented for each class. The Toot Oriole will start you down the path. Also, it looks like the Clockword Maid is finally fixed.

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