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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Tired of normal adventuring with non-irradiated monsters and completely not mutated organs? Check out the Fall 2016 challenge path Nuclear Autumn, where constant radiation, a greatly decreased appetite and thirst, and mutant monsters will challenge experienced players. You'll have special skills to use, and each run adds on to your new home...who knows what's at the very bottom?
Jick: Soupertasters:
Hotstuff: I think I fixed all those issues, or maybe I broke everything. Let me know one way or another?  :)
Hotstuff: Context: On Twitter, new accounts are given an "egg" avatar as a default. (It's a bird theme thing, I guess.) People who are abusive or annoying on Twitter have often not taken the time to make a...
CDMoyer: Hmm. Well. I guess it's a bug.

Today's Featured Article:

Advanced Saucecrafting
Advanced Saucecrafting is a skill which becomes available to Saucerors at level 5, and is obtained from Brie, the Trainer in The League of Chef-Magi (the guild of Pastamancers and Saucerors). It allows the user to summon up to three scrumptious reagents a day, and teaches the art of cooking potions and sauces.

Those with the knowledge of saucecrafting can create tasty noodle dishes known as "reagent pasta," although these also require Pastamastery to complete. Moreover, they can cook powerful potions, which can temporarily boost their stats, increase adventures gain from food, or even change them into elemental forms. While any class can use this skill (once they've learned it permanently through Ascension), Saucerors get extra bonuses from potions, as they can craft three potions from one reagent and get extra adventures of each potion's effect. At level 15, master Saucerors learn The Way of Sauce, which unlocks a whole new tier of sauces and potions.

For more information, see Advanced Saucecrafting.

Today in KoL History:

2008: There should now be an "Adventure again" link after you fight a topiary golem.

2007: The Trader from Distant Lands is back, bearing strange treats from the jungle.

2007: Anti-anti-antidotes are now usable in combat. This change foreshadows absolutely nothing.

2006: There is a new store in Market Square. Go check it out!

Within the next day or two, we'll make Market Square look a little less goofy.

2003: Sorry 'bout that, kids -- daily script didn't run last night because I forgot to set up the crontabs on the new server. I gave you a couple of days worth, by way of apology...

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