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Meat.gifYou gain 16,580 Meat.

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

A new year is here, and with it, two new sets of Standard gear have rolled: the Wicker Wear and the Bakelite Brigandine for Normal and Hardcore ascensions, respectively. The rewards from 2015, though promised to be obtainable in a new way, have yet to surface. Of note is that at long last, The Smith's Tome has left Standard, and thus players will have to actually try in order to post fast ascensions. Along with the new year also comes the new Item of the Month: the X-32-F snowman crate allows you to access a new zone in The Big Mountains called The Snojo. All of these changes herald another interesting year for KoL - what are your New Year's resolutions?

Today's Featured Article:

Disco Lives!

Disco lives, baby! New Wave came and went but disco is Unstoppable! Once disco starts, it can't stop - that's Disco Momentum! Follow these steps - hustle on down, boogaloo around, and finish with a modern spin. Everyone had better give you some room while you're doing your thing, or they're likely to end up blinded, smacked around, and, in extreme cases, stabbed in the face.

Only true Disco Bandits can handle the rigors of Disco Momentum. No one else on this planet can. There are rumors of beings from elsewhere who love disco as much as we do... but you're not likely to see them again. So put on your leisure suit, grab a drink, and get on the dance floor!

Today in KoL History:

2009: Comma Chameleons in the form of aquatic familiars can now breathe underwater.

2009: The wheel choice in the pyramid's Middle Chamber will no longer show up once Ed has been defeated.

2009: Anti-anti-antidote has had its price reduced slightly, and is now sold by Doc Galaktik rather than at the Market.

2009: The bulkhead in the Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons will now stop showing up for 20 turns if you ignore it.

2009: The chat command /note has been added, as a synonym for /notes.

2006: Okay, so, we've made some changes to the way elemental resistance works. Instead of just being a "you have it or you don't" situation, it now stacks up. Equipment and effects can give you varying levels of protection, and your character sheet tells you how protected you are against each element.

In other news, all dropped and crafted equipment is now enchanted. Like some evening.

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