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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 18,877 Meat.

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CDMoyer: No, it's the other IotM that's still not done that took so long. ;) This was an idea I've been pitching for years, that we whipped up because we decided it was better to launch something simpler...
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CDMoyer: And it's not a real thing, either.  ;)

Today's Featured Article:

Rodoric, the Staffcrafter

Chefstaves are powerful weapons for spell casters, increasing spell damage by as much as 250%, regenerating MP, and doing nifty stuff when you jiggle them! These mystical tools aren't just for anyone - only a well equipped Sauceror, a highly skilled Pastamancer, or an Avatar of Jarlsberg (the Mage of Mages, the Sage of Sages, the Gratuitously Mystical) can channel their powers.

Rodoric, the Staffcrafter can craft many chefstaves for Saucerors and Pastamancers, but he doesn't work for free, though - you'll need to provide him with the crafting materials, a snack, and a drink. If you don't want to deal with Rodoric, there's a few other places to get staves. And Jarlsberg didn't trust any staff he didn't craft himself.

Today in KoL History:

2009: A couple of the noncombats in the Haunted Bathroom have been tweaked in an attempt to make it more attractive for leveling Mysticality. Also, today is totally Tuesday.

2009: Special monster encounters (like Feast of Boris monsters) should no longer override semirare adventures (or happen in Noob Cave.)

2007: Fixed a bug whereby Farmer McMillicancuddy would change allegiance (offering his services to not the highest, but the most recent bidder.)

2007: Familiars equipped with the Plastic Pumpkin Bucket should no longer pick physical attacks against physically-resistant monsters that aren't elementally aligned. This update is complicated.

2007: The "Last Adventure" container document link now goes to the right place for Fernswarthy's Basement.

2007: Mojo filters are now multi-usable.

2006: Accessory slots in your inventory's equip page are now numbered if you have individual accessory slot equip links turned on.

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