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Meat.gifYou gain 19,052 Meat.

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CDMoyer: I wish Ezandora had told me!
Hotstuff: We're currently in Nintendo limbo while they do whatever arcane paperwork is required to approve the production of the cartridges. Not sure why it takes so long (weeks so far).  :/
CDMoyer: Why are you such an ass?
CDMoyer: It was, but that was a mistake. It doesn't have any cocktail crafting recipes.

Today's Featured Article:

Mr. Accessory

A Mr. Accessory (often referred to as a Mr. A) is brought into the world when someone donates $10 or more to the support and maintenance of Kingdom of Loathing. Once in the game, it can be used as an accessory that gives +15 to all attributes. Even more importantly, Mr. Accessories can be used to purchase items from Mr. Store, such as unique familiars, one-of-a-kind skills, and distinctive equipment.

Mr. Family includes the kids, Mr. Accessory Jr. and Sister Accessory, ne'er-do-well brother Uncle Buck, rich old Golden Mr. Accessory, Canadian cousin Mr. Eh?, the late Ms. Accessory, and Mr. Accessory's erstwhile nemesis, Mr. Exploiter.

Learn more at Mr. Accessory.

Today in KoL History:

2008: The fourth underwater zone is up. Glub, glub.

2008: Fixed a bug that made the proprietors of the Gnomish Micromicrobrewery allergic to martinis.

2006: It's Clantastic Tuesday! The way clan buffs work has been changed, and a few new types of buff have been added. There have also been a bunch of visual and organizational improvements to the clan hall interface in general.

2005: The temporal rift in the Nearby Plains closed.

2004: The breeding Yetis have arrived from Distant Lands. See the Council for details on the next phase of the Icy Peak Reintroduction Project.

2004: Recreated a limited multi-use feature for items. This is hardcoded on a per-item basis, so it will roll out slowly over time.

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