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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 19,527 Meat.

Eggstripe.gif Eggdot.gif It's Oyster Egg Day! Eggplastic.gif Eggpaisley.gif
The Enchanted Flying Oyster came last night and hid his magical eggs all over the Kingdom!

Grab a basket at the General Store and go egg-hunting!

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Jick: Hung Ten
Riff: yeah, the vocals aren't great in that one. This is the one I was actually thinking of:
Jick: Episode Number Herbert
Jick: Jeep to Mordor
CDMoyer: Cloake should sort nicely now.

Today's Featured Article:

Avatar of Boris

Avatar of Boris is a special challenge path introduced in February 2012. For a different experience than the main six classes, players can choose to start their next life as a reincarnation of Boris, the mightiest of the Warriors of Loathing in the Times of Old.

Without a guild to call home, and with no need for familiars, an Avatar of Boris takes on the challenges of the kingdom with only his minstrel Clancy and his axe Trusty. While permanent skills cannot be used, the thirty-two skills unique to this path more than make up for it.

Mr. Store's April 2012 offering was designed to supplement the strengths of an Avatar of Boris: Boris's Helm has several useful enchantments, and can even be pulled while on this path in Hardcore.

Learn more at Avatar of Boris.

Today in KoL History:

2009: Those of you who are fans of MC Frontalot might enjoy last night's radio show, on which he was a guest.

2008: Your list of combat usable items should now properly change when you put items in or take items out of your display case.

2008: Skills which you have kept across ascensions, but can't use due to being in Hardcore or Bad Moon are now viewable via a link in the character sheet.

2006: A dodgy little man has set up a new booth in the Casino. I wonder what he's doing there...

2005: /s is now equivalent to /switch in chat.

2003: You now have the option to disable inventory images -- I encourage you to do so, especially if you've been playing for a while. It'll make the inventory page load a little faster, and help to conserve bandwidth.

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