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Meat.gifYou gain 18,797 Meat.

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Are you tired of existing in a 10x10 cubic room? Do you want to absorb more than just what manner of creatures stumble into your domain? Go out there, absorb items, learn skills and acquire effects on the road to becoming human! Don't be square, try Spring 2017's challenge path, Gelatinous Noob! Don't forget to share your memories with other blobventurers on the forum thread!
Jick: Burrito Tunnel:
Jick: The talk Jim mentioned about Bethesda's level design process:
Jick: David Niven Jazz Archive:
CDMoyer: You kids. This is way too confusing. I edited the title. ;)

Today's Featured Article:

Avatar of Boris

Avatar of Boris is a special challenge path introduced in February 2012. For a different experience than the main six classes, players can choose to start their next life as a reincarnation of Boris, the mightiest of the Warriors of Loathing in the Times of Old.

Without a guild to call home, and with no need for familiars, an Avatar of Boris takes on the challenges of the kingdom with only his minstrel Clancy and his axe Trusty. While permanent skills cannot be used, the thirty-two skills unique to this path more than make up for it.

Mr. Store's April 2012 offering was designed to supplement the strengths of an Avatar of Boris: Boris's Helm has several useful enchantments, and can even be pulled while on this path in Hardcore.

Learn more at Avatar of Boris.

Today in KoL History:

2010: Having quick actions set to auto-attack should no longer cause weird issues with the first round of combat being repeated.

2010: Fixed a bug that was allowing Slime Tube runs that were too fast to properly satisfy Mother Slime.

2008: Disco Nap now lets you rest at your campsite once per day without using an Adventure. Disco Power Nap lets you do it twice more. Now if you'll excuse me, all of this skill-updating has made me sleepy.

2008: Divine champagne flutes are now usable items, which allows you to select which booze you drink with the flute. Also, divine champagne flutes are now in the Consumables / Miscellaneous section of your inventory.

2004: Okay, so now we've got more RAM in the server. I'm hoping this will stem some of the nightly lag and crashery.

I'm still working on the DNS problems, but I think they're almost solved.

Also, PayPal donations are now processed automatically, so you can get a Mr. Accessory even when I'm asleep.

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