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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 18,072 Meat.

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Are you tired of existing in a 10x10 cubic room? Do you want to absorb more than just what manner of creatures stumble into your domain? Go out there, absorb items, learn skills and acquire effects on the road to becoming human! Don't be square, try Spring 2017's challenge path, Gelatinous Noob! Don't forget to share your memories with other blobventurers on the forum thread!
Hotstuff: This week we'll be playing Recursed (, a suggestion by VGHD Patreon backer Adam Loeb.
Jick: Sid Meier is not on Twitter, as far as I can find.
Hotstuff: I *think* I fixed that, but... Whoa boy is that a maze of variables on the back end.
Hotstuff: Oh, huh! We used Stripe for ZapCon, and it was great. I'd definitely ask CDM to look into that if it'd be a viable option for the folks asking for Paypal.

Today's Featured Article:

The Terrified Eagle Inn

Hail and well met, weary traveler. Stay a while here at The Terrified Eagle Inn, but go no further! Do not approach Dreadsylvania if you value your life! You'll never make it through the woods on your own, and the only fool who's fool enough to take you through the village and to the castle is three sheets to the wind - and that's just not enough sheets!

The last group said they had it all figured out - that they made a map and could "get rid of" some of the ghosts and monsters and miscellaneous dead things (their words) that were waiting for 'em, all so they could take the hideous things that run the place... and make 'em madder? Madness!

Now, relax, and have some cocoa. That'll be one Freddy Kruegerand. You don't have any? Well then either go home and play in your basement or get into Dreadsylvania and get some!

Today in KoL History:

2007: We're all kinda tired, and so July's Item-of-the-Month will probably be 2-3 days late.

2005: The henna tattoo's effect has been changed to a flat Mysticality increase. Something will appear soon that provides the functionality they used to have.

2005: Stuff in stores owned by disabled players no longer shows up in mall searches.

2004: I've changed it so you can no longer PvP somebody who isn't EXACTLY the same level as you. It will be like this until I either a) get some sort of retaliation system in place, or b) decide not to do a).

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