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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

January KoL Update Bonanza

With the new year comes many new improvements to the game! The first is the Item of the Month for January 2015, theChateau Mantegna room key. This item allows you to access a special suite in the big mountains that serves as an upgraded campground, providing improved versions of many of the same perks. For discussion of the IotM, see the official forum thread. A new season of PvP has also begun. This season's theme is ice, so the minis revolve around the cold. The Naughty Sorceress Quest has been entirely revamped. While specifics are still being spaded, there is a forum thread ( to discuss this as well. Finally (and perhaps most controversially) the main game's ascension format has been changed. No more is the so-called Type69 restriction applied only to challenge paths, now it applies to standard ascensions as well. There is a new set of gear akin to stainless steel, Porcelain, to be earned in this new style of ascension. The old style is still available, but will not be eligible for leaderboard spots. To discuss this change, there is yet another forum thread ( KoL is moving forward in the new year. What will happen next?

Today's Featured Article:

One Chroner

Time in the Kingdom has never flowed quite smoothly, but nowhere is that more true than in The Time-Twitching Tower. It appeared after an alien, uh, "invasion", and it has flung adventurers though the timestream to timeplaces such as the Stone Age, the Roaring '20s, Ancient Rome, and the Apocalyptic Future.

While the Tower is open, you can part the veil of reality as well as time, and watch Jick and friends do development, LIVE! Twitch your way across the internet to join.

Much like its spiritual siblings, The Spectral Pickle Factory and The Traveling Trader, none may know the hour of its coming and going, except that it's usually about once every month or two, on the weekend, and they announce it about two weeks before hand. So there's that.

Read more about chroner-making opportunities at Twitch Livestream World Event!

Today in KoL History:

2010: Due to travel schedules and the fact that we decided to take a joke way, way too far, February's Item-of-the-Month will be at least a day late.

2009: We're gonna need a little bit more time to test and tweak February's Item-of-the-Month, so it won't be in Mr. Store until Sunday's rollover. Sorry 'bout that.

2008: February's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store.

2008: There has been a slight change to the way White Citadel burgers work in Bad Moon. Propriety prohibits me from being any more specific.

2007: Since I'm not gonna be around during rollover tonight, February's Item-of-the-Month is in a little early. I'll leave January's item in for another day or so.

2006: The February Item of the Month is available in Mr. Store. On time!

Additionally, there have been some changes to elemental damage in combat. The separate types of elemental damage that you do are now enumerated during combat, in stunning color.

Additionally additionally, there is a new element of damage in the Kingdom -- sleaze damage.

2003: As of today, there are no old announcements. Except for this one. And this one doesn't count.

2003: This is where announcements will go. Isn't that announc-e-rific?

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