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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 15,178 Meat.

It's Halloween!
Go Trick-or-Treating in Seaside Town!

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Summer is here, and what better way to spend the dog days than in a One Crazy Random Summer run? The new Summer 2015 challenge path causes monsters tochange in inexplicable ways. Some may be drunk, others shy and still others... turgid. Each class has a unique reward for completing the path, so collectors will need to run this path at least six times (but not necessarily in-season). The leaderboards are somewhat different too, awarding players for having the "Funestest" run.

As usual, the Forums of Loathing are discussing the new mechanics and strategies in-depth in the official discussion thread! More news

Today's Featured Article:

Get on board!

As pleasant as life in the Kingdom of Loathing is, it's nice to get away sometimes! Even on an adventurer's salary, The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency can help you plan a great getaway, if you can spare the time. They have destinations for muscular, mystical, and moxious types alike, and you even get some scrip to spend while you're relaxing! Wow! Also, the chance of being repeatedly knocked unconscious on your trip is very small.

Now, if traveling by boat with funny looking foreigners isn't your thing, you'll need to get on board at Elemental International Airport! Air travel isn't for the unwashed masses - you can charter a plane from Mr. Store to take unlimited trips there, or buy a one-day ticket for shorter trips. Once there, you can deal with the locals, but strangely, they don't accept Meat as currency - they only take their own funny money.

So enjoy your trip, but come home soon! The Kingdom misses you!

Today in KoL History:

2008: Fixed a broken Hole in the Sky behavior for the Mayfly swarm.

2006: The Disco Bandit skill Crossbow Fever has been changed. Instead of giving a flat to-hit bonus, it now gives +1 damage per player level when using a crossbow.

This should make it just a weensy bit less useless.

2006: Clicking outside of battle (ie. Inventory, or last adventure), no longer triggers an attack from monsters that you are currently fighting. Instead you receive a message about twiddling your thumbs. This development makes the Stasis strategy more difficult to execute.

2005: New feature: The Gift Shop, in Seaside Town's Market Square.

They sell some random social-y items (only a small portion are available now, most are post-ascension content,) and in the back room, you can send people packages full of items and Meat.

The main reason for putting this in right now is to assuage the worries people had about winning radio contests while in ronin or hardcore mode. You can receive the packages from people during these periods, but you can't open them.

2005: Some adventures have been added to Itznotyerzitz Mine (not in disguise.)

2004: I came to the realization today that people who never use the chat weren't ever getting any event notifications. Now, if you don't enter the chat, it automatically switches you over to the old-style message notification.

In other news, as of tomorrow or the next day, you will no longer be able to e-mail me at All places that used to have an e-mail link now have a contact form instead. See My post in the forums for a more detailed explanation.

2004: The send message window now truncates to 2000 characters as your message is being typed. Also, messages can now be 2000 characters long.

You can now quote the original message when replying to a message.

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