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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 18,599 Meat.

Firecrack.gif Today is Dependence Day! Dynamite.gif
Go get some fireworks at the General Store, and celebrate!

Today is St. Sneaky Pete's Day!
Drink, drink, drink!

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Are you tired of existing in a 10x10 cubic room? Do you want to absorb more than just what manner of creatures stumble into your domain? Go out there, absorb items, learn skills and acquire effects on the road to becoming human! Don't be square, try Spring 2017's challenge path, Gelatinous Noob! Don't forget to share your memories with other blobventurers on the forum thread!
Riff: Stooper only gives +1 liver regardless of weight. More would have gotten really imba really quick.
CDMoyer: They get added to your terrarium "normally" but are hidden. You can see them all on the rename familiars page, I believe.
Jick: Paw paws:

Today's Featured Article:

One Chroner

Time in the Kingdom has never flowed quite smoothly, but nowhere is that more true than in The Time-Twitching Tower. It appeared after an alien, uh, "invasion", and it has flung adventurers though the timestream to timeplaces such as the Stone Age, the Roaring '20s, Ancient Rome, and the Apocalyptic Future.

While the Tower is open, you can part the veil of reality as well as time, and watch Jick and friends do development, LIVE! Twitch your way across the internet to join.

Much like its spiritual siblings, The Spectral Pickle Factory and The Traveling Trader, none may know the hour of its coming and going, except that it's usually about once every month or two, on the weekend, and they announce it about two weeks before hand. So there's that.

Read more about chroner-making opportunities at Twitch Livestream World Event!

Today in KoL History:

2008: The way that elemental resistance works has been changed a little bit. See this forum post for details.

2008: Internet Explorer users of the Combat Action Bar should now be able to load the old combat form.

2007: Happy St. Sneaky Pete's Day! Sorry it's late -- to make it up to the people who missed it last night after rollover, the entire day of tomorrow will also be St. Sneaky Pete's Day.

2007: A PvP mailbox has been added to the messages screen. All PvP related messages will now be unceremoniously dumped therein.

2004: Happy St. Patrick's day. Ten-leaf clovers for everybody.

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