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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Summer is here, and what better way to spend the dog days than in a One Crazy Random Summer run? The new Summer 2015 challenge path causes monsters tochange in inexplicable ways. Some may be drunk, others shy and still others... turgid. Each class has a unique reward for completing the path, so collectors will need to run this path at least six times (but not necessarily in-season). The leaderboards are somewhat different too, awarding players for having the "Funestest" run. As usual, the Forums of Loathing are discussing the new mechanics and strategies in-depth in the official discussion thread!

Today's Featured Article:


Terrible news! The Kingdom is overrun by huge, smelly, brutish creatures - humans! It was not always this way. In the Times of Old, the delicate and fragrant Pork Elves ruled, spending their days creating finely crafted armor adorned with precious jewels, and everything was wonderful, right up until they all melted into black slime.

Well, okay, not all of them melted. The daughter of the chief of the Proscuitto Tribe was saved from an evil cult by the human Krakrox the Barbarian. And a few remained in the Kingdom as simple farmers. Some say the rest left for a faraway place, and that if you look to the Moons, you can see them crafting to this day, but beware - their story is a sad one, and the Pork Elves of old may not like what their descendents have become...

Today in KoL History:

2010: August's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store.

2009: Pool tables and basements can now be searched for at the Clan Recruiter.

2009: The output when you put a familiar in your terrarium has been adjusted a little bit. What does this portend? Probably nothing.

2008: The loot distribution menu in clan dungeons now has "- select a player -" as its first option. Hopefully this will cut down on accidental loot distribution without the inconvenience (and eventual irrelevance) of a confirmation box.

2008: Black puddings and drum machines now give the equivalent of "Adventure Again" after using one starts a fight.

2008: The placeholder text for Ol' Scratch's salad fork and Frosty's frosty mug has finally been replaced.

2007: Pre-NS13 familiar percentage runs have been archived ala ascension runs, and any such run started before NS13 will no longer appear on current leaderboards (after rollover.)

2007: You can now properly receive a buff from the Mysterious Island Arena after winning the war for the frat boys.

2006: A bunch of new crafting recipes have been added, as well as a couple of new drops from monsters on the Island. Item drops. Not, like, eyedrops. There are already too many eyedrops in the game. (Some more recipes have been added, but I'm not saying where or what type. Good luck finding them.)

2004: If you click on the name portion of a message notification, you'll now get the sender's profile rather than the messages screen.

2004: The McLargeHuge event got slowed down a bit by some hardware failures on my end. Everything's back up and running now, though, so expect more happenings on the peak starting tomorrow.

2004: In other news, I think I fixed the problem with chat messages dropping out randomly. Please use the "report bug" link if you see this still happening.

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