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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 18,882 Meat.

It's Halloween!
Go Trick-or-Treating in Seaside Town!

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CDMoyer: No, it's the other IotM that's still not done that took so long. ;) This was an idea I've been pitching for years, that we whipped up because we decided it was better to launch something simpler...
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Jick: Nine Inch-Wide Fish
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CDMoyer: And it's not a real thing, either.  ;)

Today's Featured Article:

The Terrified Eagle Inn

Hail and well met, weary traveler. Stay a while here at The Terrified Eagle Inn, but go no further! Do not approach Dreadsylvania if you value your life! You'll never make it through the woods on your own, and the only fool who's fool enough to take you through the village and to the castle is three sheets to the wind - and that's just not enough sheets!

The last group said they had it all figured out - that they made a map and could "get rid of" some of the ghosts and monsters and miscellaneous dead things (their words) that were waiting for 'em, all so they could take the hideous things that run the place... and make 'em madder? Madness!

Now, relax, and have some cocoa. That'll be one Freddy Kruegerand. You don't have any? Well then either go home and play in your basement or get into Dreadsylvania and get some!

Today in KoL History:

2010: The interface for buying Guild skills has been improved, and the costs of those skills have been adjusted to be a little friendlier to lower-level players. And openly hostile to higher-level players! Nah, just kidding. Mostly.

2010: Fixed a bug where casting a buff with the opera mask on the Mad Hatrack would cause spaceships to start punching each other.

2006: Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to purchase and install three new webservers. www6, www7, and www8 are online and working. The fight against lag continues!

2005: Your Display Case can now be divided up into customizable shelves. Everybody thank Armak for suggesting this, many moons ago.

We also made some optimizations to the way effects are handled that we hope will help alleviate lag a little bit.

2004: The message system has been revamped. There's now an Outbox, and the interface for managing messages has been enhanced quite a bit.

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