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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 14,115 Meat.

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Ka-Zap! September 2014 Item-of-the-Month

BORNE FROM LIVING LIGHTNING BY THE MIGHTY GOD OF THUNDER HIMSELF, THE GREATEST TOOL OF THE AESIR.... THOR'S PLIERS. Well, okay, maybe they're not as good as certain other tools Thor might have, but this month's Mr. Store special should still pack enough of a lightning-powered punch to ply you into purchasing. With extra stats, free crafting and a special bonus for those wading through Heavy Rains, the Fall Challenge Path, this one-handed weapon should make the wetness a bit more wonderful. For discussion of this magnificent tool, please see this thread.

Today's Featured Article:


Do you have what it takes to Ascend? Do you want to help out the newbies of the Kingdom? Do you know the difference between Hardcore and normal ascensions? Do you know how to spell ascension? Do you know how old the in-game ascension FAQ is? Will you help rewrite it? Do you know how to spell FAQ? What's with all the questions, anyway? Go help out... OR DID I?

Wait, that last part didn't make sense. Go help edit the Ascension FAQ.

Today in KoL History:

2008: Fixed an ancient typo that was causing Disco Dance II: Electric Boogaloo to do less damage than it was supposed to.

2006: Due to a stupid error on the part of Xenophobe, we accidentally had the long rollover tonight (when it was supposed to be the rollover after this one.) The good news is that it took less than an hour -- much shorter than originally calculated. Long rollovers such as these will continue, starting next week, on Saturday night, Arizona time. (8:30 PM, -7 GMT)

2005: Jick re-implemented the spooky vampire to the Spooky Forest, after accidentally unsetting it for a few weeks in a coding accident. Forum residents were elated, after spending hundreds of adventures to discover the mistake.

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