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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 18,995 Meat.

Firecrack.gif Today is Dependence Day! Dynamite.gif
Go get some fireworks at the General Store, and celebrate!

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Jick: Guitar Riff Head Line Head
CDMoyer: Well, one counter is at 87/100. But I'm worried it may then have to do it a second time. Fingers crossed.
CDMoyer: it'll be back in... X minutes? I think X is about 15 minutes from now.  ;)
Jick: Sneaky Driver,
CDMoyer: Wait, wait, wait. We forget a lot of things, but I'm pretty sure that I've never had to retroactively hand out thwaitgold.

Today's Featured Article:

Hot tub!

Common adventurers waste their time in a sorry little rumpus room, but not you! You're smarter than that! You've worked it out. You've received an invitation to your clan's luxurious VIP Lounge!

Come in, wash the stink of the common adventurer off in the shower, go for a dip in the pool, then relax in the hot tub. We know that you're extremely busy, so get some work done at the fax machine before challenging the other VIPs to a game of billiards. And, of course, you're so very important that we can't help but buy you Crimbo presents all year 'round.

New furniture is supplied occasionally by the fine people at Mr. Store; when this happens, that's your chance to grab the key to the good life. Read more at Clan VIP Lounge.

Today in KoL History:

2008: The flap on the tent door in the Hobopolis Town Square will now display as open if it's possible for you to go into it. You might have to do some reloading to clear the old images out of your browser cache.

2007: There's now a plaque in the Cannon Museum commemorating the reconstruction of Hagnk's. If you contributed bricks, they also now show up in the accomplishments section of your Quest Log.

2006: At long last, familiar kills have been separated from familiar experience! Familiar kills, which (currently) only increment after defeating monsters, do not get reset after ascension. Familiar experience, which can be gained from fights and the arena, operates like normal. For the benefit of those who have high kill counts, familiar kills have been set equal to experience, so those of you holding out to ascend because of a high kill count familiar may do so.

2006: Plus elemental spell damage equipment now properly doubles its bonus damage against monsters of the appropriate elements.

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