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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

I'll Take That

August 2014's Mr. Store special has arrived, but be careful not to have it taken from you. The Confiscator's Grimoireallows you to draw forth many less-than-legitimate goods that have been taken from various schoolchildren across the ages by The Confiscator, a mysterious entity unto itself. Of course, being a Grimoire this item isn't going to be strictly optimal, nor is it going to speed your runs up significantly - but it sure does contain a lot of fun flavor. For discussion of this item, please point your eyeballs to the discussion thread.

Today's Featured Article:


Do you have what it takes to Ascend? Do you want to help out the newbies of the Kingdom? Do you know the difference between Hardcore and normal ascensions? Do you know how to spell ascension? Do you know how old the in-game ascension FAQ is? Will you help rewrite it? Do you know how to spell FAQ? What's with all the questions, anyway? Go help out... OR DID I?

Wait, that last part didn't make sense. Go help edit the Ascension FAQ.

Today in KoL History:

2009: September's Item-of-the-Month, the Tome of Sugar Shummoning, is now available in Mr. Store.

2009: In celebration of the fact that it is Tuesday, Heartbreaker's Hotel has finally opened its doors to the damned public.

2009: Big bundles of chamoix may now be used more than one at a time. Happy wiping!

2009: Evil noodle dishes should now properly give Pastamancers MP when consumed.

2008: If you try to equip a custom outfit but are missing items in the outfit, the game will now equip as much of the outfit as it can rather than doing nothing.

2005: Halloween!

2005: September's item of the month is now in Mr. Store.

Also, Preregistration packets for KoLCon II are available in The Store of Loathing. Check the description for details on what preregistration entails, and expect an update of the Con page really soon.

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