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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 14,935 Meat.

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

CDMoyer Appreciation Week

KoL fans are probably familiar with Jick, Riff and HotStuff from the KoL podcasts and various forum postings and item descriptions - but did you know that there's another member of Asymmetric Publications? Chris CDMoyer Moyer serves as the kingdom's overlord of player versus player combat and also the key programmer behind many of the game's systems. This week, we salute CDMoyer, the often-unsung hero of much of the game, with this newspost and by displaying all Wiki text in comic sans, CDMoyer's favourite font. If you hate fun, you can opt out of the week of comic sans by visiting your CSS Userpage (User:YourUserNameHere/vector.css‎) and adding the line * but beware: you will be known as a fun-hater. (NOTE: if you only see an * displayed in the prior sentence, click through for the full CSS block.)

Today's Featured Article:

Disco Lives!

Disco lives, baby! New Wave came and went but disco is Unstoppable! Once disco starts, it can't stop - that's Disco Momentum! Follow these steps - hustle on down, boogaloo around, and finish with a modern spin. Everyone had better give you some room while you're doing your thing, or they're likely to end up blinded, smacked around, and, in extreme cases, stabbed in the face.

Only true Disco Bandits can handle the rigors of Disco Momentum. No one else on this planet can. There are rumors of beings from elsewhere who love disco as much as we do... but you're not likely to see them again. So put on your leisure suit, grab a drink, and get on the dance floor!

Today in KoL History:

2008: There should now be an "Adventure again" link after you fight a topiary golem.

2007: The Trader from Distant Lands is back, bearing strange treats from the jungle.

2007: Anti-anti-antidotes are now usable in combat. This change foreshadows absolutely nothing.

2006: There is a new store in Market Square. Go check it out!

Within the next day or two, we'll make Market Square look a little less goofy.

2003: Sorry 'bout that, kids -- daily script didn't run last night because I forgot to set up the crontabs on the new server. I gave you a couple of days worth, by way of apology...

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