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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
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Clan speakeasy
The new Item of the Month is in Mr. Store!
Go get your Clan speakeasys today!

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News of the Kingdom from Coldfront:

Speak, Easy, and Enter! (July 2014 Item of the Month)

The latest Clan VIP item has arrived, in the form of the Clan Speakeasy. This particular doohickey is the cat's pajamas - if you're clever enough to uncover its full potential. Spading (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11RI8W0Qm_9k4r1o_xdoyEpzTRdWpNn4c9BSaGuwko7g/htmlview?pli=1 sle=true#) for this newest item is still ongoing, as new drinks can be unlocked by providing multiple fiendishly-complex passwords to the man who runs the establishment. From the ability to get your semirare counter from a drink to epic-quality booze to a 100% buff to all stats, the drinks that the speakeasy will serve your clan when fully stocked are certainly the bees' knees! Before you 23 skiddo, why not check out the official forum discussion?

Today's Featured Article:

Mr. Accessory

A Mr. Accessory (often referred to as a Mr. A) is brought into the world when someone donates $10 or more to the support and maintenance of Kingdom of Loathing. Once in the game, it can be used as an accessory that gives +15 to all attributes. Even more importantly, Mr. Accessories can be used to purchase items from Mr. Store, such as unique familiars, one-of-a-kind skills, and distinctive equipment.

Variants include Golden Mr. Accessory, Mr. Eh?, Ms. Accessory, and Mr. Accessory Jr., while Mr. Exploiter is Mr. Accessory's nemesis.

Learn more at Mr. Accessory.

Today in KoL History:

2010: August's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store.

2009: Pool tables and basements can now be searched for at the Clan Recruiter.

2009: The output when you put a familiar in your terrarium has been adjusted a little bit. What does this portend? Probably nothing.

2008: The loot distribution menu in clan dungeons now has "- select a player -" as its first option. Hopefully this will cut down on accidental loot distribution without the inconvenience (and eventual irrelevance) of a confirmation box.

2008: Black puddings and drum machines now give the equivalent of "Adventure Again" after using one starts a fight.

2008: The placeholder text for Ol' Scratch's salad fork and Frosty's frosty mug has finally been replaced.

2007: Pre-NS13 familiar percentage runs have been archived ala ascension runs, and any such run started before NS13 will no longer appear on current leaderboards (after rollover.)

2007: You can now properly receive a buff from the Mysterious Island Arena after winning the war for the frat boys.

2006: A bunch of new crafting recipes have been added, as well as a couple of new drops from monsters on the Island. Item drops. Not, like, eyedrops. There are already too many eyedrops in the game. (Some more recipes have been added, but I'm not saying where or what type. Good luck finding them.)

2004: If you click on the name portion of a message notification, you'll now get the sender's profile rather than the messages screen.

2004: The McLargeHuge event got slowed down a bit by some hardware failures on my end. Everything's back up and running now, though, so expect more happenings on the peak starting tomorrow.

2004: In other news, I think I fixed the problem with chat messages dropping out randomly. Please use the "report bug" link if you see this still happening.

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