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Meat.gifYou gain 19,052 Meat.

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CDMoyer: I wish Ezandora had told me!
Hotstuff: We're currently in Nintendo limbo while they do whatever arcane paperwork is required to approve the production of the cartridges. Not sure why it takes so long (weeks so far).  :/
CDMoyer: Why are you such an ass?
CDMoyer: It was, but that was a mistake. It doesn't have any cocktail crafting recipes.
Jick: U. C. Pac Man

Today's Featured Article:

Avatar of Boris

Avatar of Boris is a special challenge path introduced in February 2012. For a different experience than the main six classes, players can choose to start their next life as a reincarnation of Boris, the mightiest of the Warriors of Loathing in the Times of Old.

Without a guild to call home, and with no need for familiars, an Avatar of Boris takes on the challenges of the kingdom with only his minstrel Clancy and his axe Trusty. While permanent skills cannot be used, the thirty-two skills unique to this path more than make up for it.

Mr. Store's April 2012 offering was designed to supplement the strengths of an Avatar of Boris: Boris's Helm has several useful enchantments, and can even be pulled while on this path in Hardcore.

Learn more at Avatar of Boris.

Today in KoL History:

2008: We've got some crappy Crimbo cards for sale in the Store of Loathing. Also, closeout sale on Disco Bandit T-Shirts. Also, we're almost out of Feelies Packs, so act soon if you want one. Also, the deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery is fast approaching. Also... no, I guess that was everything.

2008: Pastamancers now recover some MP when they eat pasta.

2008: The redemption prize for the haiku dungeon cereal boxtops is now implemented. Whee!

2008: Inventory is now split into Melee and Ranged weapons by default, and the related option has been removed from the account menu.

2006: Random interface upgrade: A small timer will now appear on the left side of the screen when it is less than 30 minutes 'til rollover.

2006: Numbered ascension tattoos should now be ordered correctly on the Manage Tattoos page.

2005: The temporal rifts are beginning to close...

2005: The Distant Woods temporal rift closed.

2004: The Council has unveiled its plan for dealing with the Mob Penguin menace, and has taken up a new collection towards that end.

Also, be sure and tune in to 120 Minutes of Dada with Mr. Skullhead and Jick, this evening at 7PM MST on Radio KoL

2003: The Goblin King has undergone a minor rewrite. You can kill him again.

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