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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 18,920 Meat.

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Hotstuff: West of Loathing is one year old today and to celebrate, the game is 33% off on Steam and GOG -- TODAY ONLY* (Friday, August 10th)!
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Today's Featured Article:

Feeling Lucky?

Are you new in the game? Because if you are, you're in LUCK!

Luck, unlike in other RPGs, is not part of your stats. There is a special object that can grant you great luck for one adventure. To get some of this good fortune for yourself, you can take a pilgrimage into the mountains, dig through the trash, or hit the bottom of the barrel. And after all that happens, betting on your lucky numbers or thanking your lucky stars might help you find more.

Adventuring with this special object can make it easy to get one item or another that you need for a quest, or help you find special items that you can't normally find. Lucky people tend to be stronger, smarter, and cooler than others. You might need a little luck to build your toy collection. You can also get more meat from a lucky creature I know of. On a special day you can even mix up a lucky drink.

Sometimes it's wise to save your luck for when you really need it. That is why you might make your special object less lucky. In the end, if you never get lucky at all, you might just find yourself out of luck, which could turn out to be a good thing.

Learn more here.

Today in KoL History:

2007: A few new low-end food and booze items now drop in the Haunted Kitchen.

2007: There's now an adventure in the Arid, Extra-Dry Desert (Unhydrated) that will give you a hippy outfit if you're stuck in the level 12 quest with no uniform.

2005: There are a couple of new T-shirt designs available in the Store of Loathing. Stylish!

2005: A new adventure was added to the Dungeons of Doom.

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