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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 19,201 Meat.

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Jick: Crimes and Ghosts
Jick: Living Backwards is the Best Egg Never
CDMoyer: Ok. Enough of this.  ;) Locking this.

Today's Featured Article:

Disco Lives!

Disco lives, baby! New Wave came and went but disco is Unstoppable! Once disco starts, it can't stop - that's Disco Momentum! Follow these steps - hustle on down, boogaloo around, and finish with a modern spin. Everyone had better give you some room while you're doing your thing, or they're likely to end up blinded, smacked around, and, in extreme cases, stabbed in the face.

Only true Disco Bandits can handle the rigors of Disco Momentum. No one else on this planet can. There are rumors of beings from elsewhere who love disco as much as we do... but you're not likely to see them again. So put on your leisure suit, grab a drink, and get on the dance floor!

Today in KoL History:

2008: Interface upgrade! Mystical Bookshelf skills have been re-added to the skills page (including Quick Skills.) Convenient!

Additionally, the Account Menu has been tidied up a bit. Some links were removed and turned into checkboxes, and hidden behind javascripty links. In the Account Menu, you can find a new option to anchor the Bookshelf skills to the bottom of your skill menu, and separate them by type (tome, libram, grimoire.)

2006: Slight change to the inventory page -- items which you cannot equip are grayed out and strikethrough'd, to indicate that you can't use them yet.

2004: ATTENTION! A set of Policies has been drawn up. Please read them, and note the message beneath the Log In button.

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