Lure Minions

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Lure Minions

Lure Minions

Type: Noncombat
Zombie Cost: N/A

Lots of things will attract a zombie's attention -- bright lights, loud noises, reality television -- but the foremost is the smell of a nice fresh brain.

Lets you trade brains for zombies

Source: An Open Grave
Price: N/A
Class: Zombie Master
Level: Hunger of the Zombie 2
Effect: Adds zombies to your horde (1 for crappy brains, 2 for decent brains, 3 for good brains, 6 for boss brains) for each brain.
When Used:

A Zombie Master's Bait
A Zombie Master's Bait

You decide it's time to beef up your forces a bit. You don't have any beef handy, but you do have some brains, and if there's one thing a zombie likes, it's brains. Heck, that's the only thing these guys ever talk about.

Toss a crappy brain

You toss a crappy brain on the ground with a splut. After a moment, a zombie wanders past and picks it up. He doesn't seem very impressed by its quality, but hey, any brain in a storm, right? You wave him over to join you, and he shuffles up, probably out of lack of anything better to do.

Put down a decent brain

You put a decent brain on the ground and stand back. Soon, two zombies appear, drawn by the smell. They begin to argue over it, monosyllabically, but you solve the conflict by dividing it in half and giving the left half to the more logical-seeming zombie, and the right half to the more artistic one. Impressed by your Solomonic wisdom, they begin following you.

Give up a good brain

You place a good brain on the ground with a sigh -- you'd rather have kept it for yourself, but yours is a task that can't be tackled alone. It doesn't take long for several zombies to show up and start fighting over the brain; you wait until the slowest and weakest ones are weeded out, then step in to recruit the most promising three prospects.

Sacrifice a boss brain

You wince at the prospect of giving up such a beautiful brain -- just look at it! So fleshy and wrinkly and knowledgeable... but, the smell of it is already bringing zombies out of the woodwork; a huge mob of them gather around you, moaning and gnashing their teeth in hunger. You toss the brain in the air and dash out of the way of the ensuing carnage, then wait until the crowd has thinned out enough for you to step in and recruit the half-dozen victors remaining.

That's enough of that.
You decide that you're far too hungry to throw away any more brains.


  • When using more than one brain at a time, your horde increases by X × Y, where X is number of brains used and Y is number of zombies gained for brain type. However, the results text only shows results for throwing one of that type of brain.
  • Next to each button (which does not show if you have 0 of that type of brain) is a textbox which automatically has 1 filled in, and the text "time(s) (you have Z)".
  • If you enter a number less than 1 or non-numeric text into the textbox, the game will throw 1 of that type of brain.
  • If you enter a number higher than the number of brains you have, the game will throw all of that type of brain available.