Lucy McMillicanCuddy, the Farmer's Wife

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Lucy McMillicanCuddy, the Farmer's Wife
Lucy McMillicanCuddy, the Farmer's Wife

Well, hello there! What brings you here, dressed so nicely, while my husband just happens to be away for the night? I suppose I can offer you a place to sleep, but I must warn you that I will fiercely protect my virtue! Well, at least as long as I'm awake, I'll protect it... of course, I do sleep in the nude and I've been known to sleepwalk... and the door on the spare bedroom doesn't have a lock... I mean, usually Farmer McMillicanCuddy is here to protect my honor, but he locked up the shotgun and took the key with him...

Oh, you're just out trick-or-treating? Never mind, then. You do look a little worn out, though -- sure you don't want to take a nap?

Okay, okay, here's your candy. Oh, I do hope no other adventurers come here, intent on stealing my virtue...

Rcandy.gifYou acquire an item: Angry Farmer's Wife Candy

Occurs while Trick-or-Treating in Tapered Threads.