Loxley, Retired Disco Bandit

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Loxley, Retired Disco Bandit
Loxley, Retired Disco Bandit

All right, kid, all right; here's your candy, now scram.

...Woah, hold on a minute, that's the Unstoppable Banjo! I'd recognize that anywhere! And those are Volartta's bellbottoms! I was apprenticed under that crazy weasel, you know. I mean, don't get me wrong, he had the moves, smooth as silk that guy was, but lets just say I wasn't surprised that he died the way he did. Anyway, where in the hell did you get all this loot, kid? No, you know what, maybe it's better if you don't tell me. I'm too old to get mixed up in those kinds of shenanigans these days. Just play it safe, okay kid?

Choc5.gifYou acquire an item: chocolate disco ball

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Legendary Regalia of the Groovelord.


  • Loxley the bandit may be a reference to the famous bandit Robin Hood, sometimes said to be Earl of Loxley.