Love song of vague ambiguity

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love song of vague ambiguity
love song of vague ambiguity

This is one of those love songs that's so generalized, so trite, and so vague that it could be about anything. It could be about your lover, your friend, your pets, or possibly your bitchin' meatcar. As such, it's the perfect love song for anyone who has never actually been in love, but has read a lot about it. For the rest of us, the clumsy songcrafting is enough to drive us into a very unambiguous murderous rage.

Type: potion
(can also be used in combat)
Effect: Broken Heart (5 Adventures)Muscle +X
Regenerate X HP per Adventure

Cannot be discarded

Deals Physical Damage based on your Muscle

(In-game plural: love songs of vague ambiguity)
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Obtained From

Summon Love Song

When Used

  • From inventory, when you do not already have another love song in your heart:
You read the snatch of song to yourself:


It's just... so... so...

Heartrock.gifYou acquire an effect: Broken Heart
(duration: 5 Adventures)
Your heart can't take another love song so soon after the last one. The conflicting emotions would drive you totally mad.
  • In combat:
You read the Love Song of Vague Ambiguity. You can practically hear the exact kind of moronic howl you'd need to sing these lyrics:


Your opponent's heart breaks. The breakage deals X damage. Your heart breaks too, but then it begins to heal...

HPYou gain Y hit points.


We have something special, dear,
Together, you and me
We don't ever have to fear
What we have's meant to be.
You know why I feel this way,
The way you make me feel,
I want to see you every day,
You know that it's for real . . .
When I look into your eyes,
I see what's deep inside,
The feelings there are no surprise,
The feelings you can't hide.
Things are good between us, now,
There's nothing that we miss,
I have given you my vow
We'll always be like this.


  • X is physical damage equal to your buffed Muscle.
  • Y is equal to ceiling(5*sqrt(D)), capped at 100, where D is the minimum between the damage this item did, and your enemy's HP before you used this item.
  • Although an HP restorer, this item cannot be used to fight your shadow.

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Summoned Love Songs
Love Song Combat Use Effect
vague ambiguity Muscle-based Physical Damage
Gain HP
Broken Heart X HP Regen
+X Muscle
smoldering passion Myst-based Hot Damage
Gain MP
Fiery Heart X/2 MP Regen
+X Myst
icy revenge Moxie-based Cold Damage
Gain Familiar experience
Cold Hearted +X/2 Familiar Weight
+X Moxie
sugary cuteness Muscle-based Stench Damage
Gain Beefiness
Sweet Heart +2X% Meat
+X Muscle
disturbing obsession Myst-based Spooky Damage
Gain Wizardliness
Withered Heart +X% Items
+X Myst
naughty innuendo Moxie-based Sleaze Damage
Gain Sarcasm
Lustful Heart +2X% Combat Initiative
+X Moxie
X is the number of turns of the effect remaining, capped at 20.