Living to Drink, Drinking to Live

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Living to Drink, Drinking to Live
Living to Drink, Drinking to Live

This is the autobiography of a famous alcoholic writer, who attributed his success and longevity entirely to his prodigious tolerance. The jacket quotes are illegible scribbles.

Type: usable
Grants Skill: Drinking to Drink
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: copies of Living to Drink, Drinking to Live)
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Item number: 9984
Description ID: 136551023
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Obtained From

deluxe Neverending Party favor

When Used

You read the book. You're skeptical at first, but by the end you're pretty convinced that everybody should be extremely drunk basically all of the time.
You acquire a skill: Martini.gif Drinking to Drink

(This skill has automatically been marked Hardcore Permanent.)


  • For about a week or so after its release, skills from the Neverending Party, including this and Budget Conscious, were not automatically marked Hardcore Permanent, instead requiring manual perming with Karma.


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