Linnell, the Booze Giant

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Linnell, the Booze Giant
Linnell, the Booze Giant

I told that no good Procrashtination Giant to take out all the trash! -hic. Dangit, he told me he'd get right on it! He'sh a bum! He'sh a no-good, low-down bum! He'sh my besht friend. I love that guy.

Oh, wait, you're one of thoshe trick-or-treatersh, aren't you? -hic. Well, I shupposhe I can find something for you. Let me jusht look under the couch cushionsh. - hic.

Here ya go, kid. Now go away and quit bothering me, okay?

Abcgum.gifYou acquire an item: alphabet gum

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Glad Bag Glad Rags.


The giant's name is a reference to John Linnell of They Might Be Giants.