Limbergh, the Middle-Management Elf

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Limbergh, the Middle-Management Elf
Limbergh, the Middle-Management Elf

Yeah, so this is Crimboween... it's a new holiday that we made by taking over Halloween from the Scream Queen... didn't you get that memo?

I'm gonna need you to take this instead of the normal Halloween candy. If you could just put it in your bag and run along, that'd be great...

Wait... let me get you a copy of that memo.

Scroll2.gifYou acquire an item: Crimboween memo
Candycane.gifYou acquire an item: candy cane
Coffeecup.gifYou acquire an item: eggnog
Fruitcake.gifYou acquire an item: fruitcake
Gingerbear.gifYou acquire an item: gingerbread bugbear

Occurs while Trick-or-Treating (a generic adventure added for Halloween XI).


  • Limbergh is named after (and has the speech patterns of) Bill Lumbergh, the office manager in the film Office Space.
  • "Yeah, so this is Crimboween" is probably a reference to the song "This is Halloween", from The Nightmare Before Christmas, filtered through Bill Lumbergh's speaking style.