Like the Sunglasses, But Less Comfortable

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Like the Sunglasses, But Less Comfortable
Like the Sunglasses, But Less Comfortable

You're keeping such a watchful eye out for bookbats and banshees and such, that you nearly collide with a perfectly normal-looking scholarly fellow. Perfectly normal-looking, that is, until he looks up from his book and you see that his eyeballs are completely black.

You scream (quietly -- it's a library after all) and reach for your weapon, but he holds up a hand calmly. "Don't be alarmed by my appearance, young adventurer."

"What's wrong with your eyes, man? You look like that guy in that band."

"Well, I was finding it difficult to get any research done, what with all the ghosts and horrible things frightening the bejeebers out of me, but fortunately I found this bottle of special eyedrops. They keep me from seeing anything frightening, so I can concentrate on my work. Here, try them for yourself." He hands you the bottle.

Blackdrops.gifYou acquire an item: black eyedrops

Occurs at The Haunted Library, semi-rarely.