Le Chauve-Souris du Parfum

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Le Chauve-Souris du Parfum
Le Chauve-Souris du Parfum

"Zut alors!" you hear something squeak from behind (and slightly above) you. You turn around and see a bat wearing a beret and a mustache. "[L'adventurer | Les adventurer]! Mon ami, you are ze pairfect test subject for my newest creation!"

"Uh..." you say.

The bat holds up a small crystal vial. "Et voila! My masterpiece, my newest eau de cologne, which I am calling 'Eau de Guaneau'! Eet is resplendant with ze heady aromas of zese caves in which I live. C'est magnifique!"

"Wait... guano? You make this out of... bat poop?"

"Oui oui! My very own, how you say, 'bat poop'! Here, have a free bottle!"

"Uh... thanks," you say.

Eau.gifYou acquire an item: Eau de Guaneau

Occurs at Guano Junction, semi-rarely.


  • Females and males will be addressed L'adventurer and Les adventurer, respectively.

This is because the definite article ("the" in English) depends on gender.

  • Le Chauve-Souris du Parfum is French for (correct me if I'm wrong) "Essence of Bat".